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Question #1198831807Friday, 28-Dec-2007
Category: INFj INFp j/p Typing
Ok, so i have been reading through socionics and I know that i am INF*, but i don't know whether i am a judger or perceiver. What are the differences between INFP and INFJ, and is there anyway for me to figure out which one i am? -- Anonymous
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A1 I understand how you feel. I'm a "true" INFp, however, after rgirous years of school,etc..I have serious "j" tendencies. Can this be possible?~INF? -- Anonymous
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A2 I have the same problem, although after reading detailed descriptions of the types I realised that I'm defiantly an INFJ. I suggest you read many profiles on many different sites to find out what you are, it also helps to have a good understanding of how the types work and what each letter means. -- Anonymous
A3 I read in a profile of the INFJ that they sometimes have "SP" jelousy so they are likely to take on characteristics of Sensing and Percieving types. By the way I'm the same person as above, I just read this today and thought it might help you can read about it here: under the subheading extraverted sensing. -- Anonymous
A4 yes, i have seen this trend. coming from a mechanistic school of thought...i could point out that it is probably to do with two things. First the 'observatory level'...normal Feelers as opposed to Thinkers...which on a level are more dreamy [T that is] to free other faculties...have to institute Mechanisms by which to live....thus even infPs, who in instances can conscious there P, have the normal F gradient of INSTITUTING LIVING MECHANISMS can seem like a J directed behaviour. Thus for the First observation...Fs, can confuse. the second...opps i forgot, i am getting worse or better?..either way, u get the point. This institutes a logical irrelevance...what therefore seperates the INFP and INFJ. both have to institute mechanisms tending toward J typified behaviour... but only one by 'self-conscioused activity' would tend to classify themself as P (meaning to say that J's don't have self-conscioused behaviour)...opps i feel into my own trap. Unless, we wholely rest on the J vs P oppositions...and from here classify...and see the F as a efficiency mechanism per situation over or better than T. guess u guys have to do that soul a better man i can perclude myself from that...but let it not be said that i did not sell weapons to the East...(jokes, after reading such a long, i might aswell make u laugh...i am not a better man for those who lack the wit of self-esteem) -- @sirac
A5 Does reading it on myers brigs sites and socionics sites really change it that much, i dont think the descriptions are that contrary to each other when i read them on different sites, but if im wrong maybe that could be the source of my confusion? -- Anonymous
A6 The INF* distinction is really a tough one. My best friend from high school, who knows MBTI better than anyone I know, tells me I'm a J. My girlfriend thinks I'm a P. Here's the thing: it seems to me that INFJ's do not have the normal "J" qualities. When I think J I think lists, and rigor, and punctuality and suck. Those things are all SJ parameters. I think I'm a J because I make decisions so often and so quick, but they always pertain to the abstract. "That person is this." "I am this way." "This is another bad habit of mine." So I tend to JUDGE more than PERCEIVE when it comes to internal, abstract issues. When it comes to where to eat tonight or my plans for the weekend, I could give two craps. I come off looking externally like a P but internally I think I really am a J. Plus, I kicked butt at Engineering, which shows my affinity for order, I think. I suppose an INFP would have a harder time with highly structured thinking, and better at intuition and stuff. Philosophy, etc. Plus I'm suuuuuper spiritual which I hear is a more INFJ thing than INFP. I don't know if that helps one lick. -- Trevor
A7 Try this site: Forget the J/P thing. I think you should check out what functions you value. And INFj would value and while an INFp values and -- mea
A8 I reserve showing the judgmetns that I make because I know that in showing a judgment you often create a conflicting situation - I find that people become uncomfortable if they feel that there is no choice, even though I have come to a firm conclusion I hide this and present options. I present multiple possibilities giving the appearance that there are options to choose from. While "exploring" the possiblities I emphasise the benefits of what I have chosen to be the best option and highlight the weaknesses of the other possibilities. Even though I am projecting the appearance of a P if you were to examine how I am presenting the "possibilities" in reality I am acting like a J -- GM
A9 My INFj friend has more traditional opinions on things than I do as an INFp. He is a lot more skeptical of people. He is revealing about himself (with me anyway) like I am, but he also brags about himself and seems unaware that he's doing it, like my ESTj mom. He is much more organized than I am. There are other things, too. -- learning
A10 We have a family freind who is an INFP and my mother is an INFJ. My take on the difference has to do with enviroment, meaning, if you walked into the living space of repective personality. If I walk into my Mothers space it would be clean, homy and decent (even though she saves everything for its sentimental value). While if I walk into our family friends room it is cluttered, messy and probably hasn't had a decent vacuming or airing out for months, or even years. I know he can clean but it just isn't a priority for him. My mother on the other hand can't handle living like that. The other difference is the cup is half full vs half empty principal with a twist. To an INFP the cup is overflowing. While to an INFJ half ful isnt good enough. Or to put it another way INFP's focus on the positive, build people up or make's light of a situation even to the point of it becoming a lie. While INFJ's like infp's have a vision of an ideal, but because it's doesn't meet their ideal, they instead focus on the negative in them self, people and situations. I can't tell you how frustrating it has been for me, almost nothing I do is good enough for my mother (while in the situation eg. I didn't clean the floors good enough, but she has also told me she is proud of me). -- INTP woman
A11 It also helps to remember and P and J aren't actually functions; they indicate whether your other functions are innies or outies. -- Anonymous
A12 A10 the one thing that does not work in distinguishing INFj's from INFp's is cleanliness. I have a feeling a LOT of the "mistyping" of INF*'s is from that presumption. INFj's are, in my opinion as an INFj, the most likely J to be disorganized/messy on the outside. It's our internal world that is organized and "clean". Very similar to what A8 said. And exactly what A6 said. -- Azure
A13 I think i have it typed out now, thank you to everyone who commented. I fit the kind of cluttered exterior, but i can do lots of very very logical thinking. I have and , and I am more on the negative side, i tend to see how things dont quite measure up. After reading all of these comments, the type descriptions on here, and the descriptions on other sites, I have finally landed on INFj. THhank you all again for helping me out! -- INFj ^.^
A14 @A6-Trevor What's the use of an engineer? Can't they just throw down the concrete, drill the holes, and build the interstates out of aluminum cans? Who needs to actually figure that stuff out? Wasn't it all there after the Big Bang? I'm an INFP, and I like science too. I'm intrigued by it. In my opinion, the major difference between an INFP and INFJ, in terms of science, are the elements of comfort and consistency. For an INJF, the rules have to be laid out ahead of time, so that the INJF will know exactly what can be expected. A science that is unpredictable, based in theory, and difficult to personalize, like astrophysics, probably wouldn't suit an INFJ very well. No one can change aspects of the universe in order to better humanity. You can't tell the universe to behave for the sake of anything ~ Therefore, in my opinion, INFJs have to find their purpose in science. INFPs need to understand something's scientific purpose. I'm in the business of pharmacy. I'll finish with a PharmD in two years. I really enjoy knowing and understanding the science behind the medications. For me, it's sort of like, "This little white tablet does what? It treats Alzheimer's, no way, really? That's so cool! How does it work? It slides sideways into a receptor. You're kidding me, right? Sideways? That's so cool! Is that why the molecule's so flat? It just kind of scoots into the receptor pocket on the sly, right? That's a sneaky molecule! That's so cool!" If I can't understand the purpose behind a prescription and then interact with the patient during medication counseling, (because I don't know what I'm talking about when I don't understand the drug itself), the act of filling the medication becomes mundane. Although, no drugstore is dull at rushhour -- INFP --> PharmD
A15 Coming from someone who can't even spell INFJ. -- another INJF
A16 @A15- Get over it; it was a typo. Two typos for such a long paragraph that cannot be edited- not bad! I've known about typology for 10+ years now, and my mother and I still mix up the letters sometimes. The order of the letters is arbitrary. They have the same meaning regardless of their order. -PNFI -- INFP --> PharmD
A17 PharmD, I think they may have just been teasing. They call themselves INJF. Anyway, it's not like you typed in INTJ by accident (I see this enough on the "professional" sites, and boy is it frustrating). -- Blu
A18 This is a link of a site made by a MBTI specialist. So MBTI types are described here, not Socionics ones, but i think it may sill help. MBTI INFP (dominant Fi)is the "static" one, MBTI INFJ (dominant Ni)is the "dynamic" one. But attention there is NO EXACT correspondence between MBTI and Socionics although often INFJ = IEI (INFp) and INFP = EII (INFj). It is not always the case! The author of this site says she is an INFJ (MBTI) -- piccolo Michel
A19 Watch this video:

-- Anonymous
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