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Question #1197715886Saturday, 15-Dec-2007
Category: Statistics Theory
OK! Here are two questions for EVERYBODY! What's your type and what are the top 5 personality traits you are romantically attracted to? Please add whether it is your type according to Myers-Briggs or according to socionics. Thank you! This will be interesting! -- Curious
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A1 Intelligence (book smart and common sense), strength, enterprising, humorous, & handsome -- XNTJ or XNTj
A2 Family orientedness, extroversion, kindness, gentleness, charm. This goes over five things but like the person above me I would have to say strengh (of character...aka not a pushover) also. -- Female ISFP (MBTI ISFP)
A3 Humorous, intelligent, physically playful, autonomous/self-confident, dedicated to lifelong self-improvement - I am ISTp/ISTP/SLI -- iAnnAu
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A4 I don't judge people based on their personality. -- INTP/INTp
A5 Who doesn't judge people based on their personality? That's retarded. How can you even call yourself an intuitive if you're that shallow? -- Luke Perry
A6 Confidence, integrity, practicality, intelligence, wisdom. -- ENFP/ENFp/IEE
A7 caring(most significant trait by far), self sufficient (not clingy or dependant), intresting, deep and tolerant -- female MB ENTP
A8 ethics, how they implement their ethics with personal choice and action, independent thinker, similar personality, common interests, accepts and likes me for who i am, undestand me without saying much words and express self thru action, honest -- Anonymous
A9 Strength of character (like A1 And A2 ^.^), Playfulness, Intelligence, Outgoing, Romantic- INFP -- Anonymous
A10 @A5 "That's retarded. How can you even call yourself an intuitive if you're that shallow?" Saying that, that has anything to do with being intuitive is retarded. Even if I'm shallow, better being shallow than naive and stupid. Can you even give any intelligent reason why I should judge peoples personalities? So what if someone isn't for example artistic or something, does that make the person any less worthy? -- A4
A11 saw this interesting post. it's me the big arrogant INTP, thought i could add something, and was stimied by the other big intelligent bruizer A4. how correct what he is saying. as an INTP, i can't think of any traits neither. could i describe it by the characture of LOSTNESS,..does that strike u as something compassionate and hu-main A10? -- @sirac
A12 Introversion, intelligence, independence, intuition. But mostly I am attracted simply to guys who like me and we have some interesting topics to talk about. Oh yeah, and I enjoy listening to guys who speak an interesting language like Dutch or Finnish. Shallow, probably, but I am audio-focused. -- Ezis (ESFp/P)
A13 @A7: You're describing an ISFP (MBTI) that I know. HMMMM maybe the ISFp/ENTp combo does work sometimes. -- Anonymous
A14 @A10 (from A2): Judge? Why goodness no of course not!! But attraction?...aren't they two different things? Judgement and attraction?...because I've found I can't really control what I'm attracted to. I can control who I date but not who I'm attracted to. PS Are you speaking out against a kind of judgemental mentality?...because I think that's wonderful of you. =) -- A2 (ISFP)
A15 forgive my words. Ezis post is actually a protest. Using her descripto terms, the descriptions would be to tend toward describing ESFPs... but this is not openly done, & any INTP would be able to seperate out what they want in those alogirithms [e-s-f-p] as seperate in general from Eworld, Sworld and Fworld in general. However it should be noted that A4 and intpisms offense in general were toward the tendency of the A1 type posts. take this logical explaination...: we don't have virtues by name of strength or any such name-sakes, and would not as a constant expect them of a partner. To answer another, it is at point of finding such a thing, that INTPs can fall in puppy love (for which intp would not construct there make-believe universe by i.e.age 15) on a level...bringing these things out in the open is very dangerous, for it offends secret religion. to describe or defend an INTP, i have to use secret language... but this language is not a language of type...but of internal-ness, and as such..any who are rightly offended or like A14 possessive of that secret biblical virtue of loving the poor. Or let me ignore all... one of my favourite of a man of the ie12 families whos ancestoral power was openned, but was also used to offend others in prosimity to reveal there own power. Now clearing my conscious i can return to this endeavor. Here i can still be a pig, and hold Ezis by my initial scorn of her (or failing, not fail to hold myself equal to her virtue and hope of prize)...that is scorn of the esfp in 'perfect happiness in the world'...the only place it least offends, is in the place of perfect economy...where the INTP is well formed and marketable. But sorry Ezis, that is unnecassary... u are the only one by which it can be remembered, that if we speak of INTP-ESFP worlds, that these can be in opposition. for it seems, i am only a spokesmen of the weak, and it would seem that we fight to gain assendency of image... but in general these things can't be easily clarified.. for my image of war is tied into my identity, can it is not an overnight thing to seperate actual Objectivity in socionics from a societal posture i envision (yet it should to be noted, that what we have missed most, and would be the most influential would be female INTP and male ESFP posters). On equal terms with Ezis, as i have failed as a pig...: hair blue eyes (just not blonde in general)... audio-focused, in the need for a woman with command and eligence in voice...heard that german is good, and russian absolute best. As a side-ways knock...beware the dutch... look at there ignorant colonial near-bearers..afrikaaners in SA. but in sum... yes there can be opposition, and it should be there...i miss it... and would not want to mistake it for a heriditary enemy -- @sirac
A16 Sum up Jonny Depp in 5 personality traits and it is not so much looks. Isn't he suppose to be an ENFJ? INXP socionics INTp Myers-Briggs -- female
A17 @A14:"Judge? Why goodness no of course not!! But attraction?...aren't they two different things? Judgement and attraction?...because I've found I can't really control what I'm attracted to." Well this is bit hard to explain. But from my point if one says that some personality qualities are more attractive than others, then the person is judging the opposing pesonality qualites as being un-attractive. I don't make the distinction that some quality of personality is more attractive, and some is less attractive. If I take your list for example, to me a girl who is: pushover, not family oriented, introverted, callous and not charming (I suppose in this case generally perceived as not charming, I don't find anyone not to be more or less charming), is just as attractive as the person who is the opposite. To me what matters is, how she feels about me, and how she treats me and other stuff. -- A4
A18 @A17 (from A14): Ohhh I see. Well that makes sense. Hmmm well I always thought of it as puzzle pieces. Everyone is like one piece...just because two don't fit with each other doesn't mean they don't fit with anyone and it doen't mean they're unattractive. Just because someone is not attracted to a certain trait doesn't mean that that trait is an unattractive one. I'm sure most of us (me for sure) weren't trying to say that anything was unattractive we were just saying that certain things appeal to us personally. Just like everything thing else....I love lemom flavored candy and I can't stand brother hates lemon and loves grape. There is no such thing as unattractive...every trait is an attractive trait to someone...look at the variety in the answers so far. BUT OF COURSE...this is only MY take on this whole thing. -- A14
A19 A17, what way would you like her to treat you ? Just curious because at least at that level are you not judging something ? Aka judging her behaviour towards you ? -- Cyclops
A20 @A19: I suppose, in the way that they get the message through, and I can believe that they are sincere about it. -- A4
A21 ENTP, both MBTI and Socionics. Qualities: keen intellect, yielding without being too patronizing, neither a leader type nor a follower, eloquent conversationalist, and will never cheat. Heh. -- transitionzero
A22 I'm an infp... I'm attracted to people who are: warm, nurturing, intelligent, driven, and outgoing. -- Anonymous
A23 I'm INFP, attracted to: intelligence, drive, "renaissance-man" type (many interests), confidence, character. Also, I'm married to an XNTJ, and he matches all these, except confidence least relationally. Also, introversion. Is that odd that i'm an introvert, but attracted to an introvert (mostly). exraverts actually drive me a little crazy. -- Anonymous
A24 For me as an ENFj I am into intelligence, THoughfulness, the geniue care but overall its just the chemisty its needed between me and her that no words can describe but chemisty itself. -- Jas
A25 intelligence, sincerity, kindness, reliability, religious... -- INFp
A26 unpretentious, laid-back, curious, silly, consistent -- pandapanda (ENFp)
A27 Intelligence, wit (humor), confidence, eccentricity (without the creepiness), and fairness. -- INTp
A28 I am shy,creative,weird,playful,overly sensitive,and a little hyper sometimes. Some people think I'm a little out there,but I'm actually pretty down to earth. -- Maggie the IsFp
A29 Ok,I feel pretty stupid now. I thought the question was "what is your type and what are some prsnality traits that describe you". Oops! -- Maggie
A30 it seems many of you have an issue with people making judgements about certain typs and personal attraction. if i want to make judgements, who are you to say that thats wrong? are you judging me? -- Anonymous
A31 Integrity, Intelligence, Ambition, Caring/Compassionate, Adventurous -- An INFJ
A32 Intelligence, talkativeness (since I am a quiet person, I need someone who can create a balance), boldness, generosity, kindness -- miss INFj
A33 A32-you may not wish talkativeness really because you are quiet.. ie a clever person doesn't usually want to be balanced by a stupid person. What would you contribute to this perfect guy you've described? -- Anonymous
A34 INFP here, mostly INFx/X, attracted to someone with integriety, warmhearted, intelligent, someone who sets up a schedule of activities and does everything to pursue it then to get some outcome of it (kind of a combination of being inspiring and reliable at once). No one can put up to these standards I always try to be tolerant with other peoples traits, because if I would try to get what I REALLY want, I would be even more lonely. Therefore the first two traits suffice. And I always question myself: what traits can *I* bring in to make them adore me? Of course I can't put up to anyones standards... How can I have a 100 differnt cool traits? -- Anonymous
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