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Question #1197580967Thursday, 13-Dec-2007
Category: ENFj ENTp Relationship Benefit and Supervision
I am a ENFJ female who is attracted to and extremely interested in a ENTP male at work. I know we don't have the ideal compatibility types, but I could really see us working well. We are just good friends right now. How do I know what makes him tick, what he finds attractive, and whether or not he has an interest in me? -- ENFJ
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A1 I am an ENFJ male and I have two female friend who is ENTP, Initally i have extreme interest in her and i did in fact asked her out, but she geniuely thinks that its better off to just be friends, and it did turn out that she was right. As for the my otehr female ENTP friend, i think she has trouble keeping the right emotional distances with people, i was once close with her, but ENTP can be tactless so you will have to watch out for that, maybe the gender reversal can make your ENTP friend be a liottle bit more gentle to you. -- ENFJ
A2 I am an ENFJ female who has been with an ENFP male for many years. As with any relationship, there have been "challenges". When I met him, my gut told me he was perfect for me. In hind sight, we had differences that I could both work with and learn from. He is great guy and simply put, we have learnt the value of compromise and trying to see the others point of view. When in harmony with each other, we make a strong team because we compliment each other amazingly well and we are on the same page in many regards all at the same time. It is terrific! It is when our weak undeveloped sides surface that the trouble begins, Introverted Thinking & Introverted Sensing. A great book to check out is by Naomi Quenk "Was that Really Me?". In my view, how we master stress can make all the difference in a relationship. As for the P thing, well it is annoying but refreshing at the same time for me (a former radical J). I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more adaptable at times so that sudden changes don't through a curve ball at me and stress me out. On other hand, he is placing more value on he keeping his eye on the ball and trys to stay better organized. Being Ns we may wonder: Is there a better relationship for me out there? I honestly believe that what the relationship we have developed is beautiful, like a piece of art. We adore it and also need to take care in order to maintain it's beauty. Us ENFJs treasure relationships so a beautiful relationship is extremely valuable. Oddly, I can hear some of the other personality types thinking this a corny but the reality is we have chosen our preferences: ENFJ. It is up to us what we want to change about ourselves. Food for thought! I wish all the best! -- Anonymous
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A3 An ENTP will ultimately do nothing but disappoint an ENFJ in a relationship. Sure, you find him fun and interesting, but you'll never be able to put him under your thumb and this will turn you into an emotional wreck. -- Anonymous
A4 Could find an ISTj according to classic duality. If this's too much trouble, could go for identity. Your current presentation indicates he would not appreciate you in the end. (Errors and omissions excepted) -- mlh
A5 entp's are fun and playful and awesome to be friends with... but in relationships we are pretty high maintenance.. expect a lot of love and understanding!!! so unless you are super sweet and caring dont get involved. dont expect anything just enjoy when they come to you. we are kinda like wild animals, only the right person can tame us -- Anonymous
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