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Question #1197054263Friday, 7-Dec-2007
Category: INFp ENTj Relationship
I am an INFP and my boyfriend is an ENTJ. We're are in a very serious relationship and been together 8 months. I would like to know how we would get along. We understand one another but don't neccesariy agree, but theirs always respect. I have one problem and thats being shy, but he understands and knows I love him. Can u help me figure out how we can get along in the future? -- Aqsa
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A1 If you have typed correctly..then the future doesn't look good, are you pretty sure of those types? I don't say this to folk very often..but I hope you got it wrong ! -- Cyclops
A2 i made him take the test, and sorry for my typo's i type in a hurry... any other opinions? -- Aqsa
A3 run, run as fast as you can! I've been married to an ENTJ for almost 10 years. More downs than ups. We have a child now, so feel we need to stick it out, but in general we are both unhappy. I feel like I have been totally lost in this relationship and it is all about conforming to DH's way to make things happy - which means being organized - a very difficult task. I can do 90% and it is as if I did nothing at all in his eyes. Best of luck. -- Anonymous
A4 The ENTJs I know are full throttle only when venting outrage, or jovial with respect to war planes, or nostalgic on Stalin Era. They repeatedly reject my attempts at getting to know their inner person. I get a hopeless, even betrayed feeling from them. They feign stupidity or create false arguments to avoid change. It's as if their lives depended on perfect rigidity. I'm ESFP. -- MLH
A5 You will drive him crazy because your "thoughts" are not structured and even though you are right with a gut feeling or because you just can't explain things in his language, he will not give you any credit and he may make you feel stupid. Physical attraction and or admiration will not make up for feeling inferior. INXP -- firstlite
A6 Just because someone tests a certain way doesn't mean they are always that type. Often, but not always. If you have been together 8 months I would consider the possibility that you are an INTp or he is an ENFj. -- oo ro
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A7 I'm almost entirely sure he is an ENFj, if you are an INFp. He was taking a test that his girlfriend was going to see the results of, so he could have been too macho to select "are interested in people and their feelings" over "are interested in systems and structures." Not to say feeling types aren't manly, just that some men who don't know much about type might be too macho to test as F over T in front of their girlfriends. -- Anonymous
A8 Haha now we are unsure of his type! What profile do you think fits him better? -- Anonymous
A9 This is the best complementary pairing every! I'm and INFP and my best relationships have been with ENTJ and ESTJ men. Respect my space and need for privacy, help me focus my ideas and thoughts, and best of all they are not bothered by my mood changes, unlike extroverted feelers who blurt their feelings out at me when I am already overwhelmed with my own feelings. ENTJ and ESTJ allow me to be me and help me grow as well. -- Anonymous
A10 This question illustrates precisely why socionics requires a different notation than that of MBTI. -- INFp guy
A11 Male ENTj married with an INFp woman for 15 years. We learn everyday to lower my Te and her Fe. But we are happy I think. Love is not about socionics. -- Anonymous
A12 Socionics is about how we interact with one another. Love is an emotion that we build up caused by affection. Love isn't logical. There are billions of people in the world. We only live once. Expose yourself to as many minds as you can. Socionics could be used as a diagnostics tool to understand where your relationships will lead. As the supervisee you "will" continuously feel dominated by your supervisor. It is not anyones fault it is just who you are and always will be. If you can accept that The only person you need to love is yourself. -- The best type - ESTp
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