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Question #1193735278Tuesday, 30-Oct-2007
Category: ISFj Stereotype
Are ISFj cheap (counting every penny)? or is just how I see them? -- Vlad - INTj
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A1 Well, the ISFjs I know (if you mean FiSe) are not very demanding as regards physical possession, but from time to time they can become very generous to others as well as to themselves - unexpectedly buy something expensive. I would call them neither mean nor generous. -- Ezis
A2 I knew an isfj and I would often see her count pennies. Don't know if she was tight tho, she would just empty her pockets like and do it, think it was more of a nervous thing. Sometimes she would spend them at the vending machine afterwards. In retrospect maybe she was just peckish, nice girl tho. Don't know if this helps.. -- ISTp
A3 i'm an ISFJ and I sometimes get the urge to recount my money tin. I think it's because I get a sense of self-satisfaction from organizing the coins into larger unit structures, and calculating the exact total.... But as for being tight - no WAY! Money is always allocated and handled with responsibility; with the exception of 'free money,' which is spurlged on not only myself, but very close friends and family, without second thought. -- michele
A4 yeah, if you are in fact talking about FiSe, part of the "cheapness" is actually conserving our resources because we hate to work we also hate to waste, are not materialistic, and pretty...natural. all of these things can make us seem cheap to others i guess, but a1 is right--we can be frivolous with money too, esp. when buying gifts for loved ones! -- Anonymous
A5 Any type may pinch pennies but ISFjs are probably more prone to do so. I have no idea why. Yet another reason to study type, finding out your tendencies may help you lead a more balanced life (pinching pennies will NOT lead to happiness, success, or an abundant life). BTW, I believe one of the robber barons was one of the worst penny-pinchers who ever lived. I don't know if he was an ISFj but it's a safe bet that his heirs were just waiting for him to die so they could get his hands on his money. Sorry to get so philosophical! -- econdude
A6 My mother is like that and she is an ISFj. -- Anonymous
A7 I was best friends at work with an ISFj. She was from Taiwan. She bought lunch for me once even when I tried to protest to the contrary and was easily the most generous person I've ever met in an office setting. My point is that we probably tend to think of the types in a culturally loaded way (not all bad, but makes thinking about types difficult outside of your immediate geographic area or country). Also, every person is unique and may choose to break out of a given "type stereotype" in unpredictable ways. -- econdude
A8 @A5, you call that philosophical?! -- Anonymous
A9 No. And they are very generous. -- Anonymous
A10 No. They like nice things like coach bags, fashion, jewelry, shopping and going out with friends. Never cheap in taste. -- Anonymous
A11 I don't know about cheap, but definately very fair. -- Anonymous
A12 A8 - that is a very undergradish response, sleep through your morning classes again today? -- econdude
A13 ISFj's count money for their stupid dual. Their stupid dual doesn't know what to do with money they earn, they just know that the ISFj likes to count it, so they earn more so the ISFj can count more. Maybe one day when they have enough the act of counting money will make them happy. Who knows, I guess they can find out with stupid ENTj earning and the ISFj counting, and earning...and counting..and earning..and counting..then dying. -- Anonymous
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A14 A13, you should write in the Duals - Uncovered profiles, if we could one day have one in Anyways, let me agree that the ISFj is NEVER cheap on him/herself when it comes to things that could last, i.e Coach bags, [hi A10] and the relationship with the person she bought lunch for [hi econdude.] I like A4's take on how ISFjs like to conserve resources, spot on! -- sl8 /INTj
A15 No we're just very fair, and sometimes very generous. But we also don't like blowing all our money on one thing and are good savers. -- Anonymous
A16 I'm an ISFj and enneagram 5! If I had to qualify my personality, I had said, a "stingy altruist". Yes I'm always counting money and looking at prices of things. I only buy things when I really immediately need them and then also compare price, quality and quantity. I almost never buy expensive objects for myself, but I happen to buy expensive gifts for close members of my family if I'm sure these objects are what they want the most. -- piccolo_michel
A17 It's not like in question. ISFj does like to accumulate goods and cash, which is function of Fi, and it's even stronger with Se. Once they have the goods and cash they happily can provide it to others. -- :-)
A18 How do you see them? Perhaps you can only identify Isfj if they are penny pinchers. -- Anonymous
A19 No, I believe any type can be penny pinchers. My mother is ISFj and she is not cheap at all (the opposite actually). However my INTj father is. I know other extremely cheap people who count every penny, and they are not ISFj either. -- cyandragonfly
A20 My parents both ISFJ's are different in their spending habits; my mother is a penny pincher (most of the time) and my father is not. However, in their approaching golden years they've found a happy median between the two spending styles, leaning towards saving money, but, spending every once in a while on something a touch classy. It just depends on the individuals, but it isn't crazy to say, that many are mindful of their money. But if there is something that is very true that I've seen alot of on here, it is that ISFJ's are indeed very generous, often buying and gifting without wanting a thing in return. If you have a special ISFJ in your life, don't abuse this trait that they have. They are often very sweet people, who will work till they fall down from exhaustion just to help people they care deeply about. They are truly special types. - Marty/ENFP -- Anonymous
A21 my ISFJ is happy with cheap stuff - not opting for better brands or higher quality. Is this because he's counting the pennies or just that he lacks taste? -- Anonymous
A22 I think it has more to do with what the ISFJ values then whether or not they are savers. I am an ISFJ, and I am usually more inclined to save than to spend, but I will spend money without thinking twice if the cause is necessary or will benefit me or someone I care about. I think ISFJs tend to count their pennies more to know what their "resources" are. If we don't know all of the background information, we are hesitant to move forward with anything. -- Anonymous
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