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Question #1193562658Sunday, 28-Oct-2007
Category: INFp ESFj Intertype Relations
I am interested in the relation of supervision, particulary infp with esfj. Don't infp and esfj have the same "weak point" or weak function of thinking since they are both dominant feelers? The order of functions seems different for another relation of supervision, that between estp's and intj's. In relations of benefit between estp and intj, each has a dominant function that is the other type's "weak point": estp extroverts sensing (intj's "weak point") and intj introverts intuition (estp's "weak point"). But intj is still supervisee to estp as esfj is supervisee to infp, even though their order of functions is very different. If the order of functions is irrelevant to socioncs intertype relations, how is the so-called "weak point" determined? -- learning
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A1 no, ESTp is dominant and INTj is dominant. in theory, ESTp and INFj check eachother to a stalemate; is ESTp's weakest point (PoLR). INTj is vulnerable to ESTp because the ESTp has "enough" competence in INTj's area of emphasis while INTj has virtually no competence in ESTp's dominant strength. Relationships of supervision are like parent/child relations but for some reason this sort of "parenting" often hinders the supervisee's proper development. -- Anonymous
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A2 Thanks. It makes sense that intuition would be my dominant function, also esfj's weakest function. My greatest trouble in life has been that I'm overly aware of (intutitive of) my weaknesses as a human being. Because of that I've often felt inferior to and separate from others. Of course, the opposite is true about human weaknesses: Instead of separating us, they should help us to connect with, forgive and understand each other. That does not happen often because we are afraid of our weaknesses, so we hide them, losing touch with part of who we are and some of our ability to identify with others. These last few sentences were probably what motivated me to ask my first question, but I didn't know until now. It totally makes sense that I would preach to esfj ("...but we are perfect in our inperfection..."), even though I don't mean to patronize anyone. -- learning
A3 So how does the relation work when the ESFj is the mother, and the INFp is the child? My mother is undoubtedly more responsible than I, but I usually end up telling her to act her age, behave, etc. when we're in private (and even sometimes in public). There are times that I *do* feel like she's the child and I'm the parent. -- Kanerou
A4 INFp child gets annoyed with what s/he sees as irrational, unnecessary behaviours of the ESFj mother. ESFj mother feels offended and hurt by child's ungratefulness, and thinks that their criticisms are unwarranted/miscalculated. -- S
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