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Question #1192878170Saturday, 20-Oct-2007
Category: Theory Personality
out of all introvert type which is the most charismatic? -- xxxj
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A1 Charisma has nothing to do with the type, in the same way some people are more good looking than the others. You either have it or not. At least this should be obvious. -- Anonymous
A2 umm i disagree because Enfj and Entj are known to be very charismatic by nature. -- W
A3 A1 - rubbish, next you'll be saying personality has nothing to do with type, and at the very least charisma, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. In terms of type, I find ISTj and ISTp can have lots of charisma, esp ISTp as lots of people are attracted to the mysteriousness about them coupled with their off beat humour. -- An ISTp
A4 A3. I don't know what you consider the type is, but whatever it is, your understanding of it is incorrect. Personality and type are 2 different things. I'm afraid A1 is right, charisma has more to do with personality that the type. -- Admin
A5 @a3 HAHA! Rookie mistake... -- Anonymous
A6 Interesting, please define personality, (i would presume A2 for one and many others would like this clarified?) as for instance what I read in uncovered sections is a list of 'personality' traits - for that type? And for instance admin has said all istp's to varying degrees have difficulty maintaining consistant feelings about someone-that is an aspect of the type of person someone is-ie their personality? -- A skeptical ISTp
Moderator's comment
About your other remark (submitted as Anonymous), unless you can provide evidence (a link to page or pages in question) it will remain on hold.
A7 I think that In terms of Introvert chrisma wise... it all depends on who they are attracting... some types are just attracted to one type more than other. -- W
A8 A#: Of coursse you would include ISTps... In point of fact, I admire the bluntness of the ISTps I'm seeing here, but find their brash, often flawed skepticism quite annoying. I also have to side with the admin. Charm is a LEARNED trait, it is not inborn. I believe my brother might be ISTp, and I can tell you that I taught him the style of humor he uses on girls. Type is about how information is sorted in your psyche. When white light passes through a prism, you see all the colors divided... That is a metaphor for the socion. Type is the CORE of how you perceive the world. No less, and no more. (By the way, could someone refine that metaphor somewhat, it feels a bit unpolished.) -- MD
A9 @Skeptical ISTp. Thanks for your numerous submissions but I am not going to get into pointless debate about the details of the use of word "personality" on this site. This site does not refer to 'psychological types' as 'personality types' - period. If you're fond of nit-picking, please do it somewhere else. -- Admin
A10 Yoz, I think this is very theoretical. -- ISTP rulz
A11 I would argue that nothing true can be said about the question, as stated. In the ordinary dictionary sense of "charismatic," the most charismatic introverted type would be the type that, statistically, charms, attracts, and exerts influence over the greatest number of people. First thing that comes to mind is, "You can't test this, empirically," but honestly that's simply because I have no idea how it could be done. Proximately, though, varying cultural conditions will lead people towards different things. The importance of cultural difference, here, is intuitive. If you wanted to come up with a hypothesis to test using Socionics, you might want to choose a given community/society/country/etc and take a census for type. If you found that the most common type was extroverted, you could guess (based on intertype relations theory) that its dual-type is "the most charismatic." Basically, you could attempt a statistical analysis based on a census and what we know about intertype relations. But we only know the few most favorable, and the few most unfavorable intertype relations; we don't know how to collate everything in between. -- ENTj
A12 Re earlier post-if I appeared to be nit-picking I apologise. I have been under the impression that there is at least some correlation of personality with type, clearly in error. -- Itsp
A13 There are many definitions of 'personality' in the dictionary but not all of them are suited to address the personality vs type ambiguity. The suitable definition of personality in this case would be: 'the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual' whereas 'the organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of the individual' is already somewhat type related. It is not that personality and type are completely unrelated, it is that personality is much wider term that also include type related behaviour, but also include a lot of other non-type related behaviour. If you have the exactly same engine in 2 different makes of cars, it doesn't mean that there is a correlation about how desired or appealing they are because there are other factors that could influence likeability, like shape and colour and even price tag. Sorry if it still confusing. -- Admin
A14 i know of an infp who's very charismatic. no, make that two. they're very charming and naive and sociable (but they don't wanna be in the spotlight...) endearing little kids -- marga
A16 ISFP -- Anonymous
A17 Are you kidding me? My sister is an entj and isn't charismatic in the least. She comes off as a narcissistic bitch. -- entp
A18 I think charisma would be a more individual trait - the type can point to traits that crop up in common with people who have historically proven charismatic, but charisma is not an objective quality; it's reactive. I have had people point out to me that I have quite a bit of charisma, and I'm ISTp, but obviously there are ISTps who are uncharismatic. The funny thing about me is that I like to consider myself a loner, so it's strange that as I'm moving away from others, they frequently seem to be moving toward me. In fact, in larger groups, I often act like a social chameleon because I see occupying the spotlight as a burden rather than a privilege. But eventually either my overanalytical nature will involve me in an intensely intellectual conversation, or else my tendency toward physical fearlessness has me running to the front of the pack so that I get to play. Because of this, I often "flash through" the spotlight while avoiding overtones of leadership or dominance. Someone else's charisma could take on an entirely different manifestation (especially if they wanted to utilize it, instead of merely being confounded by it like I am). -- Anonymous
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A19 A18: Word. Pretty much described me -- another ISTp
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