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Question #1191349828Tuesday, 2-Oct-2007
Category: Stereotype
Which type would most resent being asked questions like "are you OK?" -- esp. in regards to not smiling often. -- Anonymous
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A1 Ha, I'd have to say INTJ. -- - an intj female.
A2 i dont know what it is like to be an intj.. but as an intp i am often told that i look like i am crying inside. its kind of annoying because i dont feel like sharing my depression and anxiety problems to everyone that asks. -- Anonymous
A3 Until roughly the age of 20, I was very shy and easily scared away and very self-conscious. And I HATED it when someone told me "I know you're not frowning but you look as if you were all the time", "speak up", "smile more" and stuff like that. After that age I changed 180 degrees, probably partly because I found out I'm an ESFp. Now people call me "the loud girl that laughs a lot" -- Ezis (ESFp)
A4 A2, strange, I have been more than once asked this question and challenged to smile subsequently. Their explanations are usually that they interpret me as too serious and even angry. Most of them are wrong though, I occationally disconnect even in highly social situations, like in bars and nightclubs, if an idea , concept or troubleshooting solution drifts by, that needs my immediate attention. And then, of course while on another frequency and loop of mind than the surroundings, will be asked to confirm my wellbeeing, I find it disturbing. Especially when the premise of the request is so remote from relevance. -- ENTp
A5 It annoys me, lol. (Unless they genuinely care). -- Simon the INFp
A6 I think this can be true of all introverts. As an ISFj, I do appreciate people genuinely caring about me, but as I am naturally quiet, it annoys when people ask me "What's wrong" or "Are you ok?" simply because I'm kind of shy. -- ISFj Tina
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A7 I say ISTP, my brother always gets anoyed by that question. -- Miss INTP
A8 I'm an ISTP girl, I find that incredibly annoying. I guess my thinking face is kinda depressed looking cause I'm tired of people asking me why I'm so sad when I'm just thinking away. -- Anonymous
A9 As an INFj, I am often asked, "Are you ok?" or "What's wrong?" by complete strangers. I always look at them bewilderingly, and say something like, "Yes, I'm fine." I'm always so amazed that someone can think I'm sad when I'm just sitting there, perfectly content. My passive facial expression looks really sad I guess. It's only annoying to the extent that these random people I don't know approach me and question my well-being. They mean well, but I feel intruded upon. Even if I felt horrible, it's not like I would tell them! -- Anonymous
A10 My guess would be anyone with a strong inclination toward introversion over extroversion and/or a strong inclination toward thinking over feeling. (Much like myself.) Feeling is more outwardly emotional in nature than thinking; easier to "see" how another truly "feels". And introverts DO tend to keep their own world of thoughts & feelings to themselves more than extroverts do. I got asked questions about my well-being all the time by family friends-especially over the phone by my bro's & sis's friends. (My phone voice apparently sounds 'exactly' like my bro's, only considerably less expressive/energetic/'happy'...but much more calm.) "Proving" my well-being to others nearly every day to a myriad of people over time gets pretty old pretty fast. (Those who actually know me well KNOW I'm emotionally stable/sane/not moody & consistently calm though somewhat facially expressive...& therefore don't feel a NEED to ask.) -- Anonymous
A11 ISFj. as fi, i feel the annoyance straight away and once gave a rude finger gesture back to the stranger....which to be honest i still don't actually regret...hey, i like to be accepted as i am i would ask a person how are you in a friendly way, and in a neutral way because maybe they are in a great mood! i never presume....if you care, talk to a person, dont just assume..anyway... -- Anonymous
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