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Question #1189414101Monday, 10-Sep-2007
Category: ENTj ENTp Typing
Hi, I'm having difficulty deciding between ENTj and ENTp re: my type. I'm definitely ENT. Here's some issues: I plan/organize life, because it's necessary. I've spent long periods of time when I planned nothing, and it sucked - there *are* consequences, esp. in my career (lawyer). But I don't like it. ENTp lawyers would be phenomenally stupid not to adopt some structure/routine, regardless of whether this is "true to type." Interestingly, ENTps are one of the four types most likely to be lawyers in the US (other three being ISTj, INTj, and ESTj). I definitely jump to conclusions based on incomplete info. All the time. I don't really care how efficient I am, as long as I don't miss an important deadline. I can be chaotic in the sense that I resist having to do administrative work, like consolidating/maintaining files. Both ENTjs and ENTps hate that, I would think. I actually *never* keep a calendar; I do everything in my head, unless I'm positive I can't get away with it. I definitely do lose interest in something once I've intuitively understood it, unless it's especially interesting or significant. I have trouble staying disciplined when I'm working alone for a long time. Elements of risk definitely do not deter me much. I relate to ENTj that way. When I encounter a serious problem, I really attack it. I do lots of researching/writing, but prefer writing. But I'd rather argue with human beings, either way. I tend to be unaware of the volume of my voice and talk loud. I sound angry very often when I'm really not. I'm not sensitive, really. The ENTj hidden agenda "to be rich" and the ENTp agenda "to be loved" both ring true. I'm not sure which matters more (it's hidden, maybe?) Any thoughts, here? -- Kiernan M
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A1 Hi Kiernan. You are an ENTJ. I qualify this by the fact that I am married to an ENTP and my dad is an ENTJ so I know intimately both types. I can't explain exactly how I know, I just do from the way you speak. I don't think an ENTP would care which type he was for a start - in fact he'd positively evade boxing/analysing himself full stop. And administrative work is always relatively boring for an N even if they are a J. Hope that helps - you can talk to me more about it if you like - I am obsessed. -- Katharine (INTP)
A2 mm I disagree with Katherine.... ENTP's are way intoanalysing themselves. Just not to a conclusion. They get really wrapped up in it and then just drop it and then maybe come back to it but never really finish it. They are in conflict... on one hand they care and on the other they couldn't give a stuff! ENTP's are quite skitso. We have conflicting emotions and thoughts. I often find myself going through stages of caring about this pyscho analyist stuff and then going to the other extreme of stating to people that you can't group every person in the world into a category. However I find that my mood toward it is often dictated by how I currently feel about that hidden agenda 'to be loved'. But sometimes I feel like I don't care about that either... oh what a confusing existence. haha. Any way you sound like an ENTP to me... just from the sheer confusion you show about yourself and your likes and dislikes. I might be wrong. But if you can relate to any of my ramble you're probably the same as me. -- ENTP
A3 Haven't really read the replies but you sound to me like we would really have a relation of supervision. Intertype relations can be more conclusive than just about anything, to determine your type. -- ISTp
A4 Actually, I'm an entp and I care about a lot what type I am . D: I tend to over-analyze things and I am extremely introspective. -- entp
A5 ENTP no question take it from another ENTP. Agree with A2 and A4 we analyze to the nth degree!!!! No calendar so ENTP!!! I have dated an ENTJ he was extremely organized and it was pure h*ll to be held to that level of organization. -- Anonymous
A6 Actually, I don't think you are either, Kiernan. It sounds like you have a strong J, or have OCD. If you were an ENTP, you would learn to thrive in your disarray, just because that's how your mind would work. It's not something that an ENTP does consciously, it just happens. Planning is an ENTP thing, but follow through isn't. When it comes to being a lawyer, the ENTP would have to have a strong organizer such as an ISTJ to help him or her along the way. I'm going into that field, and I know what kind of people I'd need to recruit to make sure I won't be the end of myself. It sounds like your thinking is external, though. And that you're a definite J. -- ENTP
A7 I thought I read online today that it's easier for intps to tell that their own type is p than it is for a lot of intjs to figure out if their own type is p or j. Maybe it's similar for entjs? I'm intp and I know I'm p because there is no way in hell I could possibly be j because I'm waaaaaaaay to disorganized. My dorm room looks about as messy as the junk planet the junkeons live on from Transformers. I even have stuff ductaped on my walls so I don't lose it, but I still lose lots of things. I haven't brushed my hair in a few days because I couldn't find my brush. Even when I warn people a bunch of times that my room is extremely messy, they are sill appalled when they see it, and I go to art school. I also made a little fort under my bed and sleep under the bed in the fort instead of on it because I feel like it, and wear rainbow pajamas to class a lot of the time. -- -- intp female
A8 A7. I think it is other way round. INTps find it difficult to choose between j and p more often than INTjs. -- Anonymous
A9 i agree, my new type analysis descriptor, states...J are the perfect mirrors of the 1st 3 metabolisms (i.e. ENT or INT)... and as such, perhaps..(cause i am only sure in the case of INTJs)..they prefer a more constanst emotional state. as such, the perfect way to develop such a personality to full status is to in 'thhinking learning and living' to embrace systems where you as a J-type can be embedded in the system and be a representative of that system with your perfect emotional fortitude. i wish more J-types would post...for they have a crisis system...which would be important for u younglings to learn better. I am an INTP, and definitely find, that while i am more choatic..that it stablizes me in my choas, to have a definite Tupac said: 'i produced another album..i love war'. i fear J-types in general..especially when they as close to speciation in world analysis such as intj and perhaps entj..cause they embed in the system, and are more accrued to finding emotional dis-balances in communication. that said, i still love war, all of us have to move forward, and if there position is static for too long, i'l defeat them, and then they will have to move on. Economics is good, for it takes advantage of these formulaes in human personality. i intp. -- @sirac
A10 What exactly does every letter stand for? I am very new to this. I apologize if I am switching yhr question completely... -- Anonymous
A11 definatly a j. -- Anonymous
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A12 I am a "created" person. ENFP, now ENTP/ISTJ with influences of all the types. ENFP as well as ENTP are both the most versatile in skills, yet as you said, have difficulty in too single-minded study and focus on too single-minded topics, probably more so than an I-NXP. Thats why I am glad I have a Phd. in GENERAL STUDIES. Not only that, I was created by my creators as BISEXUAL, hey even more versatile, put in public and private schools, versatility again. My dad told me he wanted me to get along with all types of people, men, women, rich, poor, black white etc. . . I even think I remember him once saying he wanted me to "learn to be affectionate with both men and women. Yet, I had a very black X white attitude for a long time, very separatist on alot of things, but I think my learning experiences to make me the versatile ENTP I have come to be, well, the way I can describe them is this. If you have three or four classes and you have three or four tests for final exam in different fields of study, you have to learn the definitions of all the glossary's of each book. That takes learning each book's definitions one at a time because they are really different subjects, kept separate by separate classes. But I am still learning and memorizing the definitions the same way in the same manner, and in addition, I might have been taking classes like sociology, psychology, and anthropology and philosophy, which in many ways overlap and I might find the "details" or a definition or two repeated in each textbook, still, these fields are different but all equally important to life. But by separating the issues a bit, learning them from the begining as black and white-separate fields of study, separate definintions or terms in each, THEN, RELEARNING THROUGH ATTEMPTED TOTAL EXAMINATION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, I can come to my own innovative conclusions and new theoryies to add and tell the teachers about what I have learned so they can then either utilize my theories or add or subtract their own for the academia findings of the time period in which I lived. -- VJD the ENFP
A13 is it possible to be 50% of entj and 50% of entp, i think i have a split personality. -- adama
A14 Look for your creative funktion! ENTJ´s are introverted intuitively creative while ENTP´s are intreoverted thinker creative. If you like to re-evaluate how things correlate to each other, youre ENTJ - and if you like to re-evaluate how to use theories, youre ENTP. Simple as that...or not! -- Mattias
A15 I think you might be my mental twin. Seriously. Everything that you wrote describes my brain/personality.I have always been convinced that I am an ENTP.I can't use calendars, lists, or planners, and I am not an outwardly organized person. However, everything is almost always systematically organized in my head. I'm also a lawyer, and I too have noticed the j emerging naturally as it is crucial for success in my career, like you said. Socionics says that I am either an ENTJ or an ESTJ, which surprises me.I thought the p part was definite. Apparently, only the E and T are consistent. Oh well, it's nice to know there is a similar mind out there. I'm also female, left-handed, 30, and an only child. -- acratley
A16 "I definitely jump to conclusions based on incomplete info. All the time. I don't really care how efficient I am, as long as I don't miss an important deadline." No ENTj could have ever written those lines. -- ENTj
A17 Educate yourself more!!! You don't know enough. Learn the functions! There's a huge difference between Ne and Te!! -- Anonymous
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