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Question #1186819298Saturday, 11-Aug-2007
Category: Quadrable Socionics Theory
What are the different "life philosophies" of each quadra (in brief)? Is there a correlation between quadra and likely political views, aesthetical preferences, goals to achieve? -- and what does each member of the quadra contribute to that quadra's common "agenda?" -- Anonymous
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A1 the first Gulenko articles listed it as a "stage of life (and infancy,adolesence,adulthood and old-age alpha,beta,gamma and delta quadra)". but i can't really say what the uniting story is behind them. the counter personality type where adult is versus adolescent personality yet want to hold the primary accendensy with alpha. so pretty much just that what i said, unless u where to lazy to read them up. but what u see in this life is equalateral,seeing as the all personalities have to be equal in success. greek gods perhaps, or are we witnessing our evolution -- Anonymous
A2 Metaphors don't answer the question. -- Anonymous
A3 comprehending this kind of stuff is kind of like trying to cross your eyes to turn one image into two. it's possible, but you can't hold it for very long because it takes a lot of mental straining, and eventually everything meshes back together again and you end up right back where you started. this is a different anonymous, not A1. -- Anonymous
A4 An evolutionary view would state that any agent (person, corporation, nation, etc.) powerful enough could control and perhaps annihilate the rest of the socion at will (or by accident). This is obviously true. Socionics does not antagonize this view. Different individuals have differing life-strategies and "needs" created by their deliberate or undeliberate choice of pursuits...but also different "capacities." -- Anonymous
A5 annhilate, or perhaps incorporate into their psyche. -- A3
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A6 damn, A1 was i, never again will i leave out the Name block again. I suggest to disagree A2. Also @A3, indeed u are right, conscious straining does not help, but u must definitely not be a BETA, otherwise the question would not have been a force of enquiry for u. A alpha perhaps, but maybe definitely a DELTA, but then u would not be on this site, i will guest that u might be a heretic GAMMA. u can trace the overal trends in your life and behaviour. But it is nonetheless healthier to be unaware, for a person must apply every mechanism in social survival, even I___'s must be mighty and social as much as they can train themselves. But A3, i smit u, your time-scale has nothing to do with the question at hand. @A4 and A5, congradulations, the same wage goes to the labourer who arrives early, and he who arrives late in the day, A5's version is equally correct through his perpective which he brought late in the game. For this kindred, and for those who would look at us... the language of philosophy and science is often equally shrounded, we can't deal exclusively with empiricism, but we have to observe, till our languages of description is more apt, and eventually the language of a science will take shape by which we know how to manage all spheres of relation for profit, and push science to the maxim, but we won't evolve, much like in biology, we will discover the origin of a new organism. but whatver, that is the at sirac mode, we can't always be teachers of the young on this blog, we have to explore the languages and predispositions of over languages for the sake of our sciences. -- @sirac
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