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Question #1185215132Monday, 23-Jul-2007
Category: Socionics Theory Functions
What are the neurological manifestations of the different functions in socionics? Do functions break down along Front Lobe/Temporal Lobe, Right Brain/Left brain types of lines, or are the biological distinctions less apparent than the psychological ones? -- Joseph
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A1 this is probably what nobody knows at the moment, and which nobody has the scope to answer. certainly there are tendencies implicit in Socionics, and really everyone who has come across the theory can agree that there type is reflective of an assertive genetic/hereditary preponderance. i don't know if the F/T lobe and R/L brain types are sufficient to be correlated to socionics types, perhaps nobody in socionics has tried this, or if they have, -because it is so obvious even to new-comers- than the results are unpublished merely because of inconclusiveness. my best guess, is that SAME TYPES really do share similar brain processing functions,..and different types constitute a different sequence and ordering. to do this research, extraneous care has to be made about definitions of functions, such it will take a intuitive researcher bound to evolve there definitions with evidence. my best bet is that different types mix sequences of cognitive processing, and that same types do share 'same sequence', but differ with emphasis of concentration...i.e. the Balzac example for INTP __most intp descriptions are based on Balzac, and are rather arcane besides what one knows to be 'really cognitive' and what is merely emotional emphasis, as such many people made the mistake of attributing qualities to type, but for the cause of the present discussion, Balzac decifered levels of emotional comunication for whatever reason his life sent him there, life experience from other intp's lead them to there own points,...that is the Aurilean Maxim: ignore that which is'ent useful labour. @sirac! i humoured u as best i could, tell me what u think -- Anonymous
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A2 I was wondering the same thing and I found an interesting site. -- INFp
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