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Question #1180500420Wednesday, 30-May-2007
Category: ESFp ISTp Relationship Personality
I'm curious to know what ESFp-ISTp friendships are like, and how their personalities balance each other(if they do). Any ideas? -- Fefe
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A1 I think it can be pretty fun, but their lack of focus and them being controlled by everyone else makes me find them weak in that sense. I don't abhor them, I'm amazed at their energy but cannot trust them. - ISTP -- ISTPinCA
A2 my sister is an ESFP! I find her to be a ditzy hippy type and she thinks I'm a heartless bitch, but we get along quite well. It probably helps that we have the same type of humor (rather dark). She is good tempered enough to put up with me laughing at her for crying at movies/tv/commercials/any touching story and I don't mind it when she ponders if I'm a sociopath. It just depends on which ESFP and ISTP you're talking about I'm guessing. -- istp
A3 i will talk a bout a couple of this types. my brother is an ISTP and his gf is ESFP. they have some years together, 3 or 4, it seems to me that he's very dependent on her. i think they consider themselves a "team against the world", have many ideas but not usually the same. their aim is common, they want to make some kind of business, but because of their lack of foresight all is resumed to little tries. he is some kind of her guardian, becomes subjective and and irritable when i talk about her doing wrong, clean the dishes, make the house work, buying... to make a comparison, IMO this relationship looks like a master (ESFP) - dog (ISTP) one. -- Mihai, ENTP
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A4 so who said that N in the i n t p vector don't work for good(@A3)? i too like that the 'political and flow pattern world' a ESFP stands in (refering to A2) is replicated by the INTP (for to me, the exact combination is the only one choatic as such to replicate what an esfp does in S-realm{we just do it across T and N realm- haha for the realm word}, therefore, note my word 'stand'..i am canning bible theology to a 'use word realm'- as otherwise the bible is completely useless for me with it's moralizing theology). so what a male intp sees in a ESFP, is that 'interaction spans' used, conform to universes in policy they felt,cried in, and let stand in there T confederate universe. have fun reading this, information is only that, information, u can atleast be entertained by reading it! no? -- @sirac
A5 This would be a long story, as half of my friends, relatives, colleagues and also my ex are ISTps. I will try to make it brief. In these relationships, common interests and mutual respect play a crucial role. If they are present, the relationship is enriching; if not, it's a torture. Generally, I admire their reliability, ability to deal with daily routine, small talk, hierarchy and things of that kind that scare me. My ISTp mum is also great at impersonal analyzing of personal matters. I can learn a lot from ISTps in that field. They are excellent to go hiking with, chat to, relax together and such. Their presence usually reassures me. And I am a good listener to their troubles and I understand them and try to help them, and vice versa. But usually this effort to help is fruitless because as two S's we both only see the immediate details of the matter. Another problem is, we both notice the same thing - the immediate reality - so it's great for example to make photographs together. But we see the same reality with different eyes, so for example when I make funny faces that other Gamma quadras laugh at, ISTps would think I am crazy and try to make me behave. It's also more difficult to keep the relationship with them going than with the INTps, don't know exactly why. Perhaps that's because it's difficult for me to get under the surface, open some deep topic with them. So far, I have noticed that only ENFps can break their ices. A2: That's funny, it was always me laughing at my sister crying at Princess Diaries -- Ezis (ESFp)
A6 Sorry, I was confusing ISTps for INTjs and ENFps for ESFjs. -- Ezis
A7 A6 No, I was not, sorry for the confusion - please just ignore my last post -- Ezis
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