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Question #1177193693Saturday, 21-Apr-2007
Category: ENTp Typing
First off, i Have been typed, ENTP (most days), Intp, and ENTJ. No matter what I cannot figure out my type, this has been bugging the hell out of lately. I constantly change what i think i am from how i type myself. Sometimes i think i haven't even developed a personality yet! I can type my friends, it is very fun and i think it would help me develop my type when i find someone who is like me. I have innovative thoughts, but at the same time i am somewhat aware of some senses. I am not sure what judgment type i have either. On my theory, i don't think i have developed my main function. All my life i have felt this way, not doing anything really. I don't really feel, and i find it almost impossible to express how i am, because im not even sure how. Also all my life i have been to counselors to find out this problem i have, but they can't help me because, like i said above, even i'm not sure. Just recently i found mbti and I thought this was really going to help me. i "usually" test entp. i think i have an innovative problem. I think this is what that shadow thing is all about. It's like i use my intuition but its not 100% efficient. like something is blocking it and i use my sensing, witch doesn't feel 100% either. Maybe its an F/T problem, like i am using intuition but just thinking a blur and. Though, I got nothing to back that up really. Just recently i also found a counselor. I think through the whole first meeting he was typing me, asking me if i feel detached, likes messy desks, etc. The overall point, he said, that i feel "out of my body" and to look at emotions, and that metaphorically "my cars wheel is stuck and i need to get out" And also, can anyone give a description of Sensing and Intuition because this has been bugging me ever scene i have learned about mbti. UPDATE: the problem is that i have been like this forever. It's like i have this part of me thet is Ne, but i don't use it. Is this a major case of add? maybe i just have to pay attention, anyone have any tips. also, i just thought, Do i just got to pay attention to myself and my ideas. It seems like my intuition is running but i got nothing behind the wheel. So i just have to Develop thinking. -- Domenic Nerini
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A1 It seems to me from your description that your first function is sensing or intuition. According to my experience, those people have more difficulties determining their type. Personally, I would say that your primary function is extroverted intuition, but this is just my impression. You could try to realize which functions are your primary and secondary function, which you cannot "switch off". (For example, if you are constantly aware of what is going on around you and you tend to react even to things that happen almost beyond the range of your sight, even when you try not to pay attention to anything, one of your first two functions is extroverted sensing or intuition). Also remembering something pleasant from your childhood can help a lot. What you considered great and interesting when you were a small child. Cause children use their primary function mostly. Determining your type can be a long process, but it is worth the effort. I will try to describe the sensing and intuition: S people like specific problems, specific examples. N people grasp specific problems too, of course, but they try to put them in wider context (this is extroverted intuition usually) or describe them by more general terms (introverted intuition). My mother is IN and she is perfectly happy with general concepts and general terms, and I as an S always ask her for specific examples to understand better. Does this make sense? -- Ezis
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A2 I have the same exact problem with the same three types! I guess we have learned a lot from studying typing for so long. I suggest you give the test questions to a friend and have them give you back their opinion of what they think your type may be. I have done this and been told I act most like the ENTJ. Weird because I know some ENTJ's and I would not have come up with that exactly, since I mostly test ENTP. However, in one of the books on type I owe, it states that ENTJ's are not so good with details. This has been something I have focused on personally because I hate the idea of not being able to do something I need to do well. So now I feel I am pretty good with details. In fact, I can be a stickler for doing things the way I see they need to be done. But I hate having to do details someone elses way if it doesn't make sense to me. I thought this was only a P quality, but now I'm thinking prehaps it is more of an E quality. Think about your work ethic as well. I do realize I have a very strong work ethic in fact most would say I am a workaholic, but I do not see it that way. My point is one's perception of themselves may not be accurate because you may come across differently then you believe. I also suggest taking the socionics type assistant test. If your unconcious motivation comes back as J then you are most likely a J. -- Christine
A3 For what it's worth, your style of writing and formulating language, and the kinds of concerns you express sounds just like a longtime ENTj friend of mine. -- anonymous
A4 you probably are intp. extroverts dont type all these stuff here to express. introverts are at more ease expressing their hard time through internet. -- Anonymous
A5 We all have thinking and feeling, sensing and intuition, perception and judgment, and sometimes are extroverted and other times introverted. Just because you may be an ENTP or whichever doesn't mean you can't ever act like an INTp or and ISFp or and ENFj or whatever. It's just what you normally do, it doesn't describe every single aspect of your thoughts and behavior. -- Anonymous
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