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Question #1175536058Monday, 2-Apr-2007
Category: INFj INFp Typing
i'm an 18 year old male, and i've recently developed an interest in socionics and am right now trying to find out my personality type by taking all kinds of tests (i will shamelessly admit that i like taking them - and that it's actually rather challenging to be truthful to yourself) apparently, i'm either an INFJ or INFP. that's what tests say. i've read the +/- profiles here for both types, and there seems to be a great deal of common ground between the two, at least for me. how do you differentiate between the two? for example, here are some INFJ aspects i find in myself: - i've often been criticised for being too modest by others - in fact i've found that i do not like praise because i'm rather have low self-esteem. i don't think i'm as good as people seem to sometimes think. - i feel bad when i lie about things i shouldn't. it's as simple as that. - i like typing more than i like speaking. i think this shows here, too. - i do like to listen to people's troubles and help them. in addition, i'm very calm when dealing with my friends and very, very seldom lose my temper when they shout at me or become angry towards me. i also tend to forgive people because i have some kind of idea about "the good in them" (apparently an NF trait) - i also have an aversion to seeing blood and injuries, though i'm a bit dubious about this. I watched "300" without a problem (except the decapitations scenes, heh) but you probably won't ever see me watching nip/tuck or something similar. - "You over-analyse everything that concerns you or your surroundings. ... Your sense of compassion is often stronger than your sense of justice. You often lack resolution, initiative and the ability to firmly make your point." - completely correct and some non-INFJ/pro-INFP aspects - - i read somewhere that INFJs are "achievers at school who exhibit an unostentacious creativity". this is certainly not the case for me, at least the first part. if anything, i underachieve. - there are some decisions i make right away, and there are times when i'm really indecisive. - i'm not very tidy, but not very messy either. i have no trouble finding things i want to find. - i procrastinate a lot. i tend to do some assignments in a hurry, but finish them on time nevertheless. i don't really plan much in advance. - where people are concerned, i'm definitely not quick to judge, instead keeping an open mind and mulling all available information in my mind before coming to a decision. i prefer to be flexible when forming an opinion about people. this is decidedly P, i understand. and non-INFP aspects - - i do not buy too many things and don't overstep my budget (i don't really have a budget) in fact my family occasionally criticizes me for not wanting enough things (especially when it comes to clothing, heh) to get. - i don't waste time small talking, as i'm really loathe to small talk in the first place. - also, i'm a pessimist more often than not and don't really have "imaginary, lofty aspirations" or a dream of "easy life". i am sorry, for this question has really overstepped itself, but i would be very happy if someone were to help me. thank you very much. -- anonym
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A1 You sound more INFj than INFp. -- Anonymous
A2 I disagree with the above answer.In my opinion from everything you've written above you seem more like INFP.Particularly because of "i don't waste time small talking, as i'm really loathe to small talk in the first place".INFJs love small talk.Infact there whole lives evolve around smalltalk and meaningless chit chat.They will happily have useless conversations and will often use a fake laugh.Your general style of writing has an feel to it.On the whole INFJs are colder and less approachable than INFPs and will come accross as more supericial and in my opinion boring.Although initally quite shy once you get an INFP going they can talk for England.As for the being modest an INF* will be modest because of the general introversion and F this is not just an INFJ thing. "I like to listen to peoples troubles and help them" this is more of an (INFP,ISFP) trait as types are much more concerned with themselves.An INFJ would probably listen for a bit and then move the conversation on to something else where as an INFP would want to continue the conversation untill they felt the person had been helped in some way.However I acknowledge that I am an type my self and so biased against .In the above I am assuming that it is known that INFJ have as their first function and as there second whilst INFP have as there first function and as their second. -- An ISFP
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A3 I suggest looking at your secondary function. If you sometimes can't decide whether you're a T or F then you're likely a P. If you sometimes can decide whether you're S or N then you're likely a J. -- I/O
A4 I'm an INFP. I don't buy a lot (and I'm a girl) I watched "300" okay (But you're right about the decap. that was the first death that really bugged me. Good movie though) Procrastination is a def. INFP thing because we'er perfectionists. For instance, I SHOULD be reading and analyzing 300 pages of text for tomorrow but instead I'm answering personality questions. and then i'm going to watch a movie. By what you've said. I'd say you're an INFP. -- -dr
A5 all: thank you for responding to my question i'm sorry for not being able to respond back faster. A3: well i must say that my natural element lies in feeling and not strict logic. so i can readily decide between T and F. i'm also intuitive, definitely - i've come to rely on my intuition a lot while dealing with people (as we're usually wont to do as NFs, i guess... ) perhaps that would make me INFj, but to be frank, the whole thing remains ambigious so maybe i should just throw the classifications to the winds... A4: hmm, thanks for the insight! but in the +/- profile for INFPs it says that INFPs may be apt to spend overmuch and exceed their budget. so doesn't "not buying a lot" make you rather non-INFP like? (i'm not a native speaker of english so i may take some liberties with certain grammatical usages...) the procrastination example sounds like me, and i'm also a perfectionist (without the perfection, as i spend quite some time berating myself about things) and i'm not quite sure about how I can watch 300 but not quite nip/tuck. -- Anonymous
A6 umm i find some things listed for INFPs on this site, especially some of the physical descriptions, are not always true for all INFPs. you definitely sound much more INFP than INFJ from your post. I am an INFP and my brother's an INFJ, I know the differences between the two types. I am also a procrastinator, I have a physics exam tomorrow and here I am making a post on this site and I havent studied at all -- Anonymous
A7 i am going to answer right of the bat. u like this new dig-socionics, but u find yourself struggling under the natural weight of your personality type. as a feeler, u may have lost your aim, and have been mullified by theoretical inaccuracies..(if u where any deeper into the theories...say knowledge wise...perhaps in a T vector see that the 'doing well in school' part is subjective...but as u second to none in your perception..this thaks to the INfP process in u, i would say...move faster, don't give your inFp chance to short-cut u). in general, remember what your initial aims where in doing the socio jig. it was probably to self-visualize, with the aim of self-orientating yourself better -- Anonymous
A8 Hello, I found this website a few months ago when I decided to wander whether I was INFP or INFJ, but even after the website helped me realise I was still INFP after all, I kept on reading because it was an interesting site. Lots of reading & the number of pages seem to go on forever, but there are some gems in it. Hope you discover yourself through it! -- Dee
A9 You're an INFJ. We can just tell our own kind by reading... -- Anonymous
A10 Almost everything you've said fits me and I'm an INFp. I think people too often cover up what they really think or feel in small talk and so I don't like it. Also, I dislike buying things I don't need. (I most enjoy food shopping.) My ESTj mom is impressed with my thriftiness, and also that of my INFP twin, who engages in small talk to be polite, but, like me, prefers more depth in conversation. -- Anonymous
A11 (con't from A10)... As an INFp, I am inclined to an easy life because sometimes I see tasks as being too laborious, and I think too much about the work being overwhelming, rather than simply a means to an end. Sometimes I also see things as being more complicated or restricting than they really are and feel discouraged. Maybe it's a result of the INFp pesimism or tendency to over-analyze things that you mention in your post. -- Anonymous
A12 You seem like an infj. Congratulations, that's a wonderful type. -- ENTp
A13 A2 I think you have them reversed sorry. -- Anonymous
A14 I agree with A13...I honestly can not stand meaningless small talk and only engage in it when not doing so will offend someone. Ooo...sorry that was a rather snooty sentence. I am not trying to be rude...I just don't enjoy small talk. I always feel rather awkward when i have to keep that kind of conversation going. Yes, sometimes INFJ's can come off as cold, but generally they do warmly engage in small talk in order to please the other person and make them feel welcome or w/e. I generally do use the fake laugh thing tho...or smile a lot. But i generally talk to people if they talk to me. I am not quite sure from your article what type you are. I wouldn't want to tell you and risk being wrong. Let me ask you this... have you ever made a list? Like when you were going on a trip or planning something? And does it get on your nerves when friends call you thirty minutes in advance to ask you if you want to go out? Well If you answered yes to those questions then we have some things in common. I am an INFJ. =) Kat -- Anonymous
A15 @A2: HAHA. HELLO! We prolly seem fake a lot of the time too! (fellow ISFP here) You are entitled to your opinion!...but I just wanted to add that if you ever really got to know an INFJ you'd get to see beneath that outer fake layer to their wonderful, beautiful inner self. I happen to know one in person VERY well...and yes i WAS wondering why her laugh got fake around strangers...hmmp dunno....anyway she is very deep and very caring and passionate and actually REALLY good at listening to people's problems and helping them. just thought I'd add this. -- ISFP (MBTI)
A16 @A11: HOLY COW! I'm an ISFP not an INFP but I totally go through the SAME thing! EVERYTHING YOU SAID! Of course I don't think I could have worded it that well...haha!...but yeah! -- Anonymous
A17 According to Myers-Briggs, I'd say INFP! According to here...I HAVE NO CLUE. haha. -- ISFP (MBTI)
A18 I have the exact same problem but if it helps any you seem to have a definate enneagram type your description seems very 9ish -- Anonymous
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