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Question #1175205861Thursday, 29-Mar-2007
Category: Admin request
Hello everyone! We are going to add a whole bunch of polls themed "Which Type ....?" to the front page. We've already received few suggestions from visitors but we need a few more. So if you would like to contribute, please post your poll question below. Thanks! -- Admin
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A1 Which type is the slowest at developing romantic relationships (assuming they're serious about it)? -- anonymous
A2 Which type is the most (and least) likely to visit this website? -- Dhananjay
A3 How relevant and useful have you found knowing the intertype relations? -- Anonymous
A4 Which type is most likely to be bipolar? Which type suffers the most from depression? Which type are you and how many kids do you have? Which type is the most gentle? Which type considers themselves to be the happiest? Which type considers themselves the least happy? Which type earns over say $100,000? Did you suffer from childhood trauma and what type are you? Which type is the most likely to have a happy romantic relationship? Which type is the most likely to be monogamous? Is there a relationship between type and race? -- Anonymous
A5 Which type will clip unprofitable ties most quickly? -- Anonymous
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A6 1) Which type would be most likely to ask rhetorical questions? 2) Which type would be most likely to answer rhetorical questions "seriously"/unwittingly? 3) Which type would be most likely to recognize when someone is scheming and what about? 4) Which type is most likely to detest "lack of self-awareness" in others? 5) Which type is most likely to exhibit "lack of self-awareness?" 6) Which type would appear "most erratic" over-all? 7) Which type would be most likely to respond/adapt well/calmly to an abrupt crisis? 8) Which type would be most "anger-prone?" 9) What type was Machiavelli? 10) What type was Ernst Stavro Blofeld (James Bond's classic nemesis)? 11) Which type would never abandon their dreams? - pursuing them even to the death? 12) Which type would come to terms with "death" most quickly/easily? -- Anonymous
A7 What type was da Vinci? -- Anonymous
A8 Which type is most likely to be addicted to online gaming like W.O.W.? -- Anonymous
A9 Which type is most likely to cast a vote -- Cyclops
A10 I'm not one to call attention to myself, but since everyone keeps accusing me of being an ISTj how about "what type is econdude" and then I will be the type that is most voted for. -- econdude
A11 Lol econdude! Sounds like a decent idea. -- chrissyc
A12 hey Which type would you most like to be? Which type wouldn't you most like to be? -- ixxx
A13 Which type is most prone to work on their attitude/personal growth? Which type is most selfish? Which type is most supportive? -- Anonymous
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