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Question #1170670403Monday, 5-Feb-2007
Category: ENTp Dating
how do entp's behave in dating situations? -- Tricia
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A13 hell = being with someone who is too stagnant, pessimistic, sadistic and too inconsiderate. and being an entp = doing What ever it takes (doesnt matter how "immoral" the act or how much disapproval we get by doing anything) to stay far FAR away from hell XD -- The entp
A14 I hate dating-especially if I don't know the guy very well. I detest casual conversation like, "Where are you from?" and "What do you do?" I usually meet guys through friends and slowly get to know them. This makes me much more comfortable when we date and I know I'm not going to waste my time because I know I'm already interested. I rarely give a guy a chance until I've gotten to know him first. While dating, I like to be adventurous, outdoorsy, casual and artistic. I'll want to do anything from kayaking to hiking in a jungle to listening to spoken word (poetry) to playing taboo with friends to whatever else seems interesting and new at the time. I like to mix things up. Be open to change if you want to date an ENTP-they hate boredom. -- entpreter
A15 The reason that ENTP's are matched with ISFP's is that they can typically handle an ENTP's quirks well. I like to think they are well rewarded. If I was smart and being proactive I would take a girl to a coffee place, since most girls I'm interested like that sort of thing, buy an eggnog, buy her drink, and spend as much time as I can talking about her and anything that comes up. If she doesn't like coffee, we get out of there. If you can't handle the heat, don't date the ENTP. -- Entpee
A16 I am an ENTP and i'd love to date INTP. I can talk very easily with them, we exchange ideas. They laugh when i say something usually. They like my personality and i love theirs. I get mad about INTP's -- ENTP
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