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Question #1170630245Sunday, 4-Feb-2007
Category: Dating Relationship Advice
I'm a female. I'm in between being an ISTp and an ESTp. I'm having trouble finding what type is my best match for a relationship. I've dated many INFps and ENFps but those relationships always end because i can't handle their jealousy, etc. Also, it's really hard for me to remain interested in one guy for longer than a couple weeks. I want to find a type that can hold my attention and i can have a good relationship with... Help please:] -- dani g
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A1 Hmm, maybe you are an ISTp. The ESTps I've known are prone to intense jealousy and the ISTps, more liberal flirts by contrast. (I'm NOT saying that all ESTps are jealous, nor ISTps flirts.) If it is variety you seek, ENFp sounds like a good choice ~ so once again, perhaps you are ISTp after all. ENFps seem to be very liberal in their own ways of relating - i.e., very generous and forgiving. If you are struggling with others' jealousy over your behavior, perhaps you should assess whether or not you are legitimately pursuing in inappropriate activities which really do disrespect your partner. If you are not acknowledging social boundaries well enough and considering others' real feelings, this will cause problems no matter which "type" your future partner falls under. But perhaps you've already considered this. By the way, a lot of people test as INFps but are not. The V.I. on this website for INFps is helpful when you get it down pat. -- blahblahblah
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