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Question #1170118769Tuesday, 30-Jan-2007
Category: ENTj ESTj
What's the difference between ENTj and ESTj? As in, how do u differentiate between an ESTj and an ENTj IRL? -- miss INFj
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A1 ESTjs are more conservative than ENTjs, and speak in more concrete language. The ENTjs may start speaking on specific situations, but they ultimately relate them to and emphasize overriding theoretical principles, and they express these judgments with chutzpah not seen in ESTj. Even though both types speak in terms of "doing things in ways that make sense," the ENTj is more adventurous and capable of treading uncharted territory in their activities. They seem stimulated by this (hence, the "Pioneer"). Meanwhile, the most natural inclination for ESTjs is to keep busy monitoring their situation, resisting pressure to change from others and trying to preserve the status quo according to their own preferences/comfort zone. In a relational difference, an ESTj would be inclined to utter their criticisms of the opposing party under their breath later on, in the private confidence of another. The accompanying attitude may reflect how "off the wall," "childish" or "insensible" they believe another is being for expressing desires which are not in harmony with their own immediate priorities. Some ESTjs may even follow this irritation up with passive-aggressive behavior rather than openly communicating on the issue and seeking resolution. Although they may do so with some reserve - if they MUST - ESTjs can seem fearful of confrontations. On the other hand, ENTjs have no qualms with voicing their objections openly and can even seem to enjoy heated argumentation. ENTjs can create scenes in the office over issues seemingly minor to others, e.g., openly rake an innocent party over the coals to camouflage their own shortcomings. ESTjs can have a seemingly tranquil demeanor. ENTjs can beam with energy and tend to race around more like they've just been struck by a bolt of lightning and are on a mission. They appear to be more potentially boisterous. Of course, all these comments can't be true for everyone across the board. These are just some things I've encountered in my limited experience with both types, but ONLY a handful. And as an individual works through issues in their own heart, negative behaviors such as those mentioned need not manifest after all, as one may grow. If anyone has had different experiences, please post. -- blahblahblah
A2 I'm sorry, please disregard everything I wrote about ascribing certain behaviors to ESTjs in A1. I was in error, and actually gave a description of some other type! Perhaps someone else can answer your question. Sorry. -- blahblahblah
A3 ESTj's and ENTj's are comparitive partner's -- the area of confidence is the same for each, . They share a common command of objective facts. Where they differ is in how they implement that command of facts. An ESTj will create an harmonious environment where everything follows the rules. Whereas, an ENTj will use his knowledge to engage in new enterprises. The ESTj wants everything to go by-the-book. While the ENTj is the one the book is about, at least according to himself. -- Anonymous
A4 @A2. So which types did you make comparison of then? -- Johnny Nomates
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A5 I'm an ENTj and based on my experience with ESTjs who have been good friends, the key is Ni/Se versus Si/Ne. Get an ENTj angry over something, and they'll be much more out of control - unless the issue touches on something the ESTj holds sacred. The ESTj will draw lines clearly if they can. An ESTj male might say, "I would never, under any circumstances, hit a woman - that's just wrong" while an ENTj male might say, "If she's swinging a knife at me and trying to kill me, you'd better believe I'd fight!" See what I mean? -- ENTj
A6 ESTJ is boring ENTJ is not. -- Anonymous
A7 They've got everything different except for primary function . -- Anonymous
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