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Question #1169685171Thursday, 25-Jan-2007
Category: ENFj ENTj Typing
Does anyone know how to tell the difference between ENFJs and ENTJs? -- Fefe
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A1 There's a huge difference between strong display of Te and Fe. Fes are more likely to get wild. For some, their display of emotions could be overboard. People with strong Tes are easy to spot. They are usually very blunt and may unintentionally hurt others. Also, when they talk, they really just talk about the things/matters, nothing personal. -- Anonymous
A2 From an XNTP's perspective, both are allies from very different stances. An ENTJ wants to make things work from a technical point and will clearly let you know if you've missed something, but he/she really appreciates the creative problem-solving approach to help solve the problem. An ENFJ is all about people and is also a problem solver, but prefers to build people, not things. An ENFJ smiles and talks easily and and ENTJ does not smile easily and does not like small talk. As an XNTP, these are my favorite types of people if they are emotionally healthy. -- Anonymous
A3 A2, i do agree what you have said, if you are an intp, i think sometimes we can get out of control with our with you guys, if you are an entp, we usually listen and tries to understand your analytical thinking -- ENFJ
A4 Easy, is way less fond of conflict to the point of giving way to everyone on the street. On the other side is way fond of conflict, to the point of charging in everyone on the street. There's also matters of personal interaction - would use manipulation as a first measure to get things done their way where would use brute force. -- Nordon /ENTJ/
A5 Hmm A4 brings up a good point. A properly behaving ENTj will have locomotion such that everyone gets out of the way. Walk hard, heavy, loud and carry no stick at all, we have a week Se. ENFj teachers will quote famous ENTjs and get schooled by sharp ENTj students. Many a time have I heard a teacher quote Ford, or Winslow Taylor only to create an equally valuable Te response which they did not respect because it was not written in a book. ENFj need sources to be in an Encyclopedia, one within a dead tree, can't be online. ENTj are content if it makes sense though if its in a book that doesn't hurt either, but neither does it prove it 100%. -- Anonymous
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A6 ENFj's have dominant, Role, suggestive, and ignoring. ENTj's have dominant, Role, suggestive, and ignoring. ENFJ's will not necessarily quote ENTjs, will not necessarily disrespect something because it was written in a book, will not necessarily need sources to be in an encyclopedia, will not necessarily shy away from conflict, and will not necessarily use manipulation ENTJ's will not necessarily have locomotion such that everyone gets out of the way, will not necessarily carry no stick at all, will not necessarily seek out conflict, and will not necessarily use brute force. -- INTj
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