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Question #1168018352Friday, 5-Jan-2007
Category: Typing Celebrities
What do you think is former chess master Bobby Fischer's type? -- peter
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A1 My initial guess was ENTp, but then I considered ESFp and arrived at ISTj. Fischer's demeanor and facial features seem to suggest ISTj. By no means am I 100% certain. Knowing for sure would require a serious study of Fischer and expert VI skills. Thank you for the fascinating question, hopefully some other people will help crack Fischer - ? p.s. - He vaguely resembles Vladimir Putin, who is ENTp on Sergei's site but Putin is identified as an ISTj on another site. -- econdude
A2 ENTp or maybe ESTj -- d-_-b
A3 Wouldn't his behavior suggest that of an INTj or INTp? He is reclusive and exhibits nonconformity. For instance, consider some of the statements he has made about the United States and Jews. And aside from his intellectual ability was his perfectionistic drive to master chess. Thoughts? -- Peter
A4 Unless you have a chance to observe someone's behaviour 24/7 you can't really use behavioural fragments to come to conclusions. -- Anonymous
A5 I meant 'ESTp' for Putin rather than ENTp. I really appreciate the question. Fischer is challenging to type. Fischer is not necessarily an introvert. For example, Bill Gates is an ENTj and he exhibits some personality characteristics that would cause some people to guess he is introverted. I've noticed a minor trend in the posts here in Q&A: "This type (----, whatever type) would never act like that/take this action/say this or that/et cetera... . Unfortunately, if you want to phrase it that way, I have taken actions in my life and said statements that would be appropriate for any type. The combination of facial features and a person's actions give clues, but not always a perfect picture of their type. Sometimes typing is easy (I look at the TV screen or see someone in person and instantly know their type). Other times, I am clueless no matter how much I work on it. No one in the world is too smart for socionics. -- econdude
A6 If we conclude from his chess mastery that Fischer's preferred rational function is , then that leaves only four possible types: , , , . -- Anonymous
A7 NT -- DustBunny
A8 probably either intj or intp. they seem to be the most interested.. and best at chess. (i used to be in chess tournaments and clubs.. and i was SURROUNDED by int people.) -- Anonymous
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A9 Bobby Fischer, American chess player and the eleventh World Chess Champion, (MBTI: INTJ), (1.Ni, 2Te), (Socionics: ILI), (Robespierre), "The Sage", even-tempered, calm, unsentimental, loves logic and ideas, emotionally cut off from people, can become indifferent to the actions or feelings of others, "takes no risks but reacts mercilessly to any tiny errors made by his opponents" etc. -- jgbr
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