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Question #1163929633Sunday, 19-Nov-2006
Category: ENFp Career Advice
Still don't know what to major in college; I have though and though but with no hope of a clue. Does anyone know or thing they know what's a good major for an ENFP, I really don't want to go undecided and waste 2 years of my life. Thankx -- an enfp
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A1 ask yourself what you want to do. like if you want to work in PR, then it doesn't matter what major you have in college. the best is to do majors that you are good at and preferrably more technical. like if you're good in math, do math. and maybe do a business minor. worry about what job you can get later!!! if you're an ENFp, i bet you'll be jumping from one career to another. good luck! -- Anonymous
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A2 ENFp's need a certain amount of excitement and uncertainty in their career lives. Something that is too monotonous and repetitive will only make you miserable. Majoring in something that provides you with a variety of things to do would suit you best. Bare in mind that you should also have a natural talent when it comes to people skills (or at least one that is developing ). Think about art/design related majors, music, and writting. Those kind of subjects can span out to many different exciting career lives! -- ENFp
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