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Question #1161946475Friday, 27-Oct-2006
Category: Typing Family
I'm intp female. I need help to figure out what personality my brother is? Of my three brothers (the other two are intj and istp) this one I have trouble getting along with. I know that he is an sp for sure because of his love for extrem sports, like doing tricks dirtbiking and snowboarding (out of bounds),he is very image consious, and good with his hands. I thought maybe he was an isfp, but I don't think the description fits only because he has absolutly no problem sharing his opinons, and he has this sharp tongue, if he feels thretend by complet stranger he know what buttons to push. He mostly gets along with our istp brother, but him and our intj brother usually end up in explosive fights if they have to work together. This discription propbably isnt enough, but i'll start here. -- D
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A1 EVEN IF majority of SPs enjoy extreme sports, not everybody who enjoys extreme sports is SP. Some ENFps like doing all that stuff too for example. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A2 The best way to find out your brother's type would be to let him take a test. My brother is intp too, and the more someone bases their opinions on feelings instead of logic, the more full of small talk, and the faster in making decisions a person is, the less he will get along with them. In general I guess infj and isfj types above all others will not easily become his friends. I suppose your thrird brother could be infj, but there's not enough information to tell for sure. -- voot (enfp)
A3 A1 + e.g. SJs too (such as ISTjs). Sorry D, not enough info. Maybe ask him some specific questions to find out, or even ask him to take a test? Have you tried answering the short version, putting yourself in his shoes? -- anonymous
A4 He has no problem sharing his opinions? He might be an 'E' -- Mea(ENFp)
A5 Hmm, Thank you for your replies. My brother is not an infj, my mother is(= major conflict). And he isn't an Enfp (My love interest is one, so I realy like this personality:). I have tried to put my self in his shoes, I did the test Socionics has, and I think it came up ESTP or J (i cant find the link). The reason I don't think he is an E is because he isn't a big talker, although like all S he is good at small talk. He is smooth operator. Ever since he was a little kid he has always had this shy quirky smile, he has a dry sense of humor. Sometimes he speaks to softly to be heard. He always makes sure that he dresses nice (Casual type of nice). He is always working to perfect his body and his immage. With friends, he is very loyal and giving untill something goes wrong, where he feels rejected, then this person is almost viewed as an enemy. An ISTJ maybe, although he doesnt own all that many books. Anyways. -- D
A6 Sounds very much like an ISFP friend of mine... Just a thought. -- Anonymous
A7 He sounds a lot like my ISTP brother. -- Anonymous
A8 A6, I thought ISFP are the ones that have trouble standing up for their rights? Which is not the case with this brother, quite the oposit, infact he insists on his rights. A7 No he isn't ISTP, although I can see why you would suggest that based on my description. I do have another brother that is, while we don't have a whole lot to talk about we still have fun and get along, just on humor:) Anyways I am fairly certain that he is an ISTJ, he does like to play mellow music, artists like jack jonson, and he loves to be in charge, however he could never have a mustach like it is sugested on socionics, it just wouldn't suite him. It was based on the socionics istj decription given that I decided he couldnt be. But aside from that it is the only thing that makes sense. Which means that me and all 3 of my brothers are introverted thinkers. -- D
A9 He sounds exactly like an ESFp. -- Anonymous
A10 A9: "If he feels threatened by a complete stranger, he knows what buttons to push." ESFps are the type that backs up from confrontations most of all types, so it sounds improbable. Also, ESFps have only a limited number of quarrells with INTjs, they try to support them and cooperate with them, and if this is too difficult, they avoid them. EFps generally are the types that are least likely to have loud arguments. They flare up once in two months and calm down very soon afterwards. To me, he sounds like Se is his creative or vulnerable function or Hidden Agenda, so my guess is an ENTj or an ISTj. Most likely ENTj, because ENTjs have sharp tongues, because two male NTs of different types are likely to have arguments, because he sounds like an extrovert and because ENTjs often strive for adventure (see the ENTj description on this site). -- Ezis (ESFp)
A11 Also, ENTjs have this dry sense of humour, have a quirky smile, pay attention to their image, like to be in charge and some of them look like introverts even though they're extroverts because they're good at casual conversation with anyone but don't reveal much of their private life. Also if I had to say which type a moustache suits the least, I'd say definitely ENs. The same (maybe with the exception of the moustache) applies to ISFjs, only they don't like to be in charge of anything, but there can always be exceptions. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A12 A9, ESFP is my dual...So I should get along with him fairly well, which just isn't the case. A11,Hmm an ENTJ, I really have a hard time believing that my brother is intuitive...He prefers things that are realistic he hates most type of sci-fi...As for not revealing much about their private lives...he's my brother its hard for me to say if is that way with others or not... -- D
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A13 ESTj anyone? -- :-)
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