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Question #1159549561Friday, 29-Sep-2006
Category: INTj INTp ISTj Typing Tests
Okay It took the test and I got INTJ, INTP, ISTJ. I Know I'm an Introverted thinking type, but which one. ISTJ- Fear of change, confort in routine. Prefer to take traditions. Me on the other hand is not a guardian, I tested as a rational. And I'm more open to idea's. INTJ- Put themselves, and others to high expectations. Arrogant and snobbish of idea's and systems that don't work. Perfectionist by nature. Me i'm not a perfectionist. I do have an improvement oriented nature but I don't judge people without looking over the dispute. I am critical though. INTP- Logic oriented, great problem solves, prone to non conformity. Prome to observe the world with a detached oriented nature. I do represent some traits of an INTP, I do sometimes 2nd guess some decisions I make. I'll give you a hint. I tested out as a 5w6 on the Ennegram test. So which one do you think I'll be? -- Jason Barth
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A1 Providing that it is true and S/N ambiguity leads to j and you also tested N (66%/33%), you might be an INTj. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A2 the way i see it is, you have decided that you're an INTj! first, you're stubborn so it will take A LOT to change your mind. and here's the problem, we don't know you! you can make yourself look at whatever type you want by presenting facts that make your argument. i'm not saying that you are doing that, but i mean that is possible. i see no point in you asking what type we think you are twice when you already have your mind set on INTj. -- Anonymous
A3 Bahhh, forget the enneagram! OK, here's an ad hoc mini-test to figure out which I_T_ you are. Q1) "Sometimes when I'm in a situation which requires compromise/adaption from my usual style, rather than doing what needs to be done, I repeatedly tend to": a) struggle with not WANTING to be in that situation/fight internal rebellion because "I don't care!" or "my heart's not really in it!" or "but it's not really expressing my values!", b) insist on sticking with experiences I know and/or get really pedantic with routines and methodology and/or get obsessive about cleanliness and/or internal bodily functioning, c) resort to idealizing about what SHOULD be. Q2) When trying to justify myself while feeling resistance regarding an issue, I often find myself verbally affirming: 1) the core need for productivity, accomplishment, and practicality based on known data/truth, 2) the need to be open to other options yet, even doubting being able to really discern the situation for what it is and knowing how to take steps, 3) the need to respect others' values, relationship obligations, and social mores in the name of tolerance, 4) the need to respect others' values, relationship obligations, and social mores in the name of giving/stewardship of material resources. Q3) The two areas throughout my life which I would MOST like to improve, because I know I STRUGGLE here compared to most people, are my relationships and: a) assertiveness and/or sense of lasting accomplishment, b) being well-rounded/expansive/multifaceted in light of my ideals, c) health and/or a pleasant, consistent self-experience/sense of identity/history/familiarity/routine, d) having a deeper understanding/apprehension of the depth of meaning in "what is" - MAYBE even some more experience of the mystical/spiritual. Q4) - People are MOST apt to consider me as: a) deep thinking or eccentric, b) responsible, traditional and consistent, c) openly critical and blunt. *** Answers: Q1 - a) ISTj or INTj, b) INTp, c) ISTp; Q2 - a) INTj, b) ISTj, c) INTp, d) ISTp; Q3 - a) INTj, b) ISTj, c) INTp, d) ISTp; Q4 - a) INTj, b) ISTj, c) INTp and ISTp. Do your answers reflect the same type consistently? (I'm unsure on some of the INTp interpretations/responses I proposed.) -- blahblahblah
A4 blahblahblah, i tried you test. didn't work for me. i kept scoring INTj when i can't possibly be one. -- Anonymous
A5 a4, why don't you believe you can possibly be an intj? what do you believe your type to be? -- :O)
A6 ISTPs and INTPs can have a deceptive similarity (they are "look-a-like" types after all). i'm an INTP. that doesn't keep me from practicing martial arts, enjoying the outdoors, etc. and i have ISTP friends whom i get along pretty well. the difference is that i don't spend a considerable amount of my time/energy doing these things and that i'm extremely eclectic in "sensing" areas, while most sensing types would be less picky. i hate sports ... liking martial arts is the "fluke" in the "general trend." i like intellectual "exercise/sparring" far more and see MA as "physical chess." T and F refer to how information is processed. N and S refer to the kind of information processed by the T or F function respectively. -- also, these guidelines might be helpful (based on Kiersey's temperament model): xSxP types (Kiersey classifies them as "Artisans") tend to prefer the "here and now" every time over the past or future. xSxJ types (Kiersey's "Guardians") tend to like the security of good times/big successes (preferably monetary or in recieved "honors"/commendations) in the past so as to be armed against an uncertain future. Kiersey classifies NTs are all labeled "Rationals" placed in the same quadrant and NFs ("Idealists") in another. but an underlying pattern is that all xNxJ types like to see well planned and ordered futures (projecting outward from themselves -- intuitive Guardians?), while xNxPs (esp. xNTPs like yours truly) tend to consider all of time as one big now ... or "whole" (intuitive Artisans/Innovators?) -- now it should be much easier to classify yourself into one of these categories depending on your perspective. -- chris
A7 hmm. if you **** people on purpose, because in doing so you cleverly compel them to take a weaker position than you (because you are setting the framework by being the ****er-offer-er), then you're almost certainly an INTj. if you arbitrarily choose which rules you wish to follow, and have the ability to de-exist people from your life the way you turn off a light switch or flush a toilet, you're probably an INTp. if you are Hank Hill, are obsessed with a sports team, or could conceive of yourself as a member of the Rotary or Lions club, you're probably an ISTj. good luck. -- Anonymous
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A8 just a guess... but i think it must have something to do with xNxx types and difficulty actively living in the moment. -- Anonymous
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