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Question #1156490519Friday, 25-Aug-2006
Category: ENTp INTj Typing Subtypes
How do you tell if a person is an EN(T)p or an I(N)Tj since they can be quite similar? -- Anonymous
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A1 ENTPs are much better at telling jokes. -- clown
A2 By paying attention particularly to how they relate to others. ENTp's are intuitives, first function . INTj's are thinkers, first function . ENTp's present their ideas first, and work out the logic later. INTj's present the logic first, out of which ideas seem to arise as if they'd been there all along. -- metroGnome, the ostensible INTj
A3 Do meeting and talking with people in general (not a significant other) exhaust them or energize them? Introverts are exhausted by demands of communication from extroverts and they must pull away and regroup. Extroverts thrive on constant communication from people and feel energized by a lot of people Introverts do the opposite. The next question you ask is P or J? easy. Are they neat or messy. Is everything on their desk top either totally empty and filed away or explicity place or are there stacks of things all around. Organizingly messy? P if messy J if fixed and rigidly organized. INTJ's are sees much but says little or everything needs improvement. ENTP's are inventors, mad scientist types projects in all stages of completion -- Anonymous
A4 ENTp likes to hear himself talk, thinks out loud and pontificates too much; he’s not a good listener, nor is he a good finisher. INTj is the opposite although he can be slow to start but once started can be too obsessive about finishing. INTj analyses too much especially himself and is ruthlessly critical while ENTp thinks of himself first and sweeps shortcomings under the carpet. The dividing line is organize versus conceptualize. -- I/O
A5 To be honest, I think theoretically an ENTp and an INTj are basically the same thing. The only difference between an ENTp and an INTj are that the ENTp is more extraverted via dominance and the INTj is introverted via dominance. INTjs use their extraverted functions in the same manner as an ENTp uses his/her extraverted functions, and an ENTp uses his introverted functions in the same manner as an INTj uses his introverted functions. I think that as life progresses an INTj can become and ENTp and vice versa. I know this is a controversial statement and will probably be scrutinized but I believe that extraversion and introversion levels can change in people therefore actually changing someone into their mirror type. -- Hitta
A6 There is a marked difference between ENTPs and INTJs. I am an ENTP, and my girlfriend is an INTJ. Here are some observations regarding the differences that I have observed. First, where ENTPs naturally see many possibilities, and can extrapolate present circumstances fairly well to give likely possible outcomes, doing so very quickly, INTJs naturally see one or two likely probable outcomes, and can create a path from here to there that accounts for likely contingencies, although this can take some time. Second, an ENTP is likely to be quite open about their feelings or opinions, whereas it can take a long time to draw out any expression of feelings from an INTJ, and they won't share their opinions with you if they don't respect you. Third, ENTPs love change, the more the better ("the only constant in the world is change" seems a nice truism), whereas INTJs don't seek out unnecessary change - they prefer a more stable base, and, while not overly bothered by change, will prefer to be in control of change as part of the implementation of an overarching plan. Finally, I'd just like to point out that ENTPs can learn to greatly enjoy their own thinking time, just as INTJs can learn to enjoy being round people and participating in general banter, which can result in an ENTP who thinks before he speaks, and an INTJ who can let go in general conversation. Additionally, an ENTP can learn to complete what he starts, and an INTJ can learn to be less obsessive about finishing her tasks perfectly. However, the core internal drive of an ENTP to start new things, and the INTJ's drive to complete them, are unlikely to change much over time. -- B
A7 ENTp is not good at seeing or maintaining psycholigical and social distance while INTj are not good at "taking up space." ENTp can be a conqueror (but never really a governor) if that role is required (partially helped by the lack of good perception of social and psychological distance ... hence bunters are galore there) while the INTj can be empathetic should circumstances require that role. INTj is not a matter of things empathetic, but I would find it difficult to believe that INTj will go as far as an ENTp would in a buntering situation (nevermind that INTj is very good at cold logic!). Oh! and I am an ENTp! (who said we are incapable of signing off? lol!) -- Anonymous
A8 Well rounded, perhaps, they do appear similar in many ways. ENTP's should be a lot more quirky than INTJ's though. Look for messy desk, losing things, tripping over themselves. The usual ENTP shananagins. -- -Entpee
A9 ENTps are much, much more open than INTj's. It takes about... five minutes to draw me out of my shell. It took me two years to draw my INTj friend out of hers. Once drawn out their shell, it is true, INTj's do creepily resemble ENTps in multiple ways. But I'm agreeing with A8- ENTps tend to be bigger /messes/ than INTjs. Never know when anything is due, etc. INTj's are slightly less "open-minded" than ENTps, by which I mean that ENTps will often argue both sides of an issue, INTjs... don't. Especially for things they've already decided on... -- ENTp female
A10 I'm ENTp, my best friend (also my roommate) is an INTj. ENTps are far less critical than INTjs. Also, INTj tend to fixate on things that don't make sense to them, and enjoy pointing thse things out to people. ENTp is much more likely to just let it go, and not make a big deal over nothing. Also, INTjs are better dressers LOL -- ENTp
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A11 To tell the difference between ENTPs and INTJs, consider the points below, which highlight a few key differences between the two personality types: ENTPs are hyper quick on their feet. In many circumstances, they are superior to INTJs when “on the fly” thinking/argumentation is required. They can also instantaneously come up with novel, alternative solutions to problems. Indeed, ENTPs frequently like to try different things for the sake of doing so. For example, one ENTP I know uses his GPS device when travelling familiar roads in order to see other travel routes that the device recommends; this is done purely out of curiosity. In general, ENTPs have an excellent ability to immediately read people and “handle” others in a way that elicits a positive response. Many ENTPs are naturally very flexible and charming, and, as a result, people usually like them. ENPTs are also great at offering hilarious interpretations of situations. As an INTJ, I find ENTPs’ quick and quirky sense of humor funny as hell. INTJs are formidable debaters/persuaders if they have thought through an idea. Unlike ENTPs, INTJs will not generally engage in an argument unless they have carefully thought through their view on a given subject. INTJs are also not typically expressive and open with others; however, to those with whom they’re close, INTJs can be unstintingly loyal and supportive. Moreover, if INTJs are operating within an area of competence (whether that area relates to a work or “off duty” situation), INTJs can be very effective leaders, on par with the ENTJs. People may or may not like the INTJ leader, but they will often readily follow the INTJ due to his or her expertise, confidence, long-term planning ability, and results orientation. NOTE: I hope the above comments are helpful to readers of this site; however, please keep this in mind: opinions are like a-holes - everyone's got one, and everyone thinks theirs doesn't stink ... LOL. -- Anonymous
A12 I would think that there would be a very noticeable difference. INTj's, being introverts, would behave differently than ENTp's being extroverts. -- CaptainAwesome-INTj
A13 INTjs finish and turn in their homework. ETPs could care less because they are to busy building a flying machine out of pencils, rubber bands, and index cards. At least they were, before they found somthing shiny on the floor and got an idea that would change the world for ever!!!!!!!!!!!! until the next idea at least. -- ENTp
A14 I am an ENTP, and my brother is an INTJ. We get along really well, and can talk about pretty much anything. Growing up, I have noticed both differences and similarities between us. This is just my guess but I think the reason we got our personalities is because my father (he's dead now, so this is just a guess based on stories my mom has told me about him) was an ENTP, and my mother is an introvert (I'm not sure what her type is). Anyways, we are both similar in the sense that we are both curious about our world and we are both very observant about everything. The only difference is how open we are about discussing what we observe. My brother I can tell is very observant, focused, quiet, and very...careful about deciding on anything. I am just the opposite. I discuss anything that intrigues me, whether my brother cares to listen or not (he usually does). I also am very focused but definitely not quiet. I'm good at multi-tasking, my brother is not but he is better at getting things done and he also makes quite a good engineer. We are both clumsy. My brother has had 2 serious girlfriends, I have only had 1. I prefer to party and hook up with random girls. My brother is more down-to-earth and a better listener. My head is up in the clouds. I'm better at telling jokes than he is. This is all just based off my experience though, I'm not saying every ENTP or INTJ is like this. -- Anonymous
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