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Question #1144200202Wednesday, 5-Apr-2006
Category: ENTp INTj Typing
In trying to decide between being ENTp or INTj, I would like to ask the following: Is it very much unlike an INTj to choke up or get teary-eyed when whatching emotionally loaded films or listening to music? I'm 100% sure about my being a T in day-to-day life, but occasionally I like to let out and acknowledge my feeling side. Is this something people with a feeling as a dual seeking function cannot (easily) do? -- Garbled
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A1 Unlikely, but not impossible. There are emotionally sensitive INTjs as well you know. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A2 Sometimes I manage to cry, thanks to very good acting and such. And I am an INTJ to the core. Crying is annoying though, gotta get up from the couch, get a tissue, get a glass of w....... -- Abdul
A3 It seems to me that reacting to emotionally laden scenes in film is a matter of . Fi is the role function of an INTj. Something that an INTj is not comfortable with the open expression of. INTj's are not insensitive; it is just that reacting emotionally to a situation, especially a contrived one such as in film does not make sense to them. They have feelings, but they don't understand them. -- Anonymous
A4 ENTPs and INTJs have fundamentally similar emotional responses, though these responses are located differently. That is, an ENTP is more likely to express his emotions openly, whereas an INTJ is more likely to internalise hers. I am an ENTP, and my girlfriend is an INTJ - when she is emotional, she looks like she's trying to swallow a rat sandwich, like there's something distasteful in her stomach, but nothing on her face (which is deadpan) gives anything away that she's feeling strongly emotional about anything (although after quite some time she may shed tears if it is strong enough). I, on the other hand, have great difficulty in concealing any part of my emotions when I am moved deeply, eg when watching a movie about injustice of some sort, and end up screwing up my face to stop being too obvious - clearly useless. I must confess though, I am very rarely moved very much by anything, and neither is my girlfriend, which is probably a result of us both being Ts, but we are both capable of very powerful emotional responses, which tend to result from similar stimuli. -- B
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A5 I don't agree with A3's response. I'm an INTj and a powerful film could make me cry. Saying that an INTj can't be aroused emotionally by a film is like saying that an INFj wouldn't be able to understand mathematics, or that an INTp wouldn't be able to appreciate good food. It's not a matter of how strong your response is to a stimulus, it's a matter of what you *prefer*. An INTj prefers over , not because they don't have feelings, but because they would rather spend their time reflecting on impersonal matters than on their feelings. Therefore, they wouldn't spend most of their time watching emotionally stimulating films, even though they might react to them. Don't get me wrong. I will say that some INTjs are out of touch with their feelings, but this clearly doesn't apply to everyone. -- Anonymous
A6 the spectrum of emotions people feel can't be used to determine type. saying thinking types can't choke up when they watch emotionally loaded films or listen to music is like saying that feeling types can't get good grades in math. -- woodrow
A7 INTj's and ENTp's are mirrors of each other. That is, their N, S, T, and F are in the same order as far as strongest goes, but what occurs outwardly in an ENTp occurs inwardly in an INTj and vice versa. Thus asking some simple questions will probably help figuring out which you are. Do you think aloud or to yourself? An ENTp's thinking is internal, while an INTj's is external. While internal and external intuition is a little trickier to judge realize that an ENTp's primary function is external intuition which means that they may seem a little spacy and abstract when dealing with others, while an INTj's primary function is internal intuition so that they process reality in an intuitive/abstract way internally. Also looking at the hidden agenda may help. Are you more concerned with being liked or being healthy. An ENTP's HA is to be loved, while an INTJ's HA is to be healthy. Put another way are you more concerned with how others feel about you, or how you feel about yourself. -- Anonymous
A8 A7, it sounds like you're describing MBTI, not Socionics. In Socionics, ENTp and INTj both have Ne and Ti as Ego functions, it's just that for INTj Ti is the primary function and Ne the secondary, whereas in ENTp Ne is the primary and Ti the secondary. In other words, they have basically the same functions, with different emphases. For INTj, Fi is his Role function, whereas for ENTj Fi is his Point of Least Resistance. While neither would be very expressive in that area, I would suspect the INTj would be a bit more comfortable with it (any ENTps care to provide insight on that?) As an INTj myself, I do quite often find myself choked up due to certain scenes in movies. The series finale of Angel (specifically a certain character's death scene) had me weeping for like half an hour afterward, though I must admit that was highly, highly unusual. Also, I haven't always been like this; when I was younger I took pride in not crying over movies. Now I get choked up at the drop of a hat. So your mileage may vary. -- Krig (INTj)
A9 Um, an INTj's dominant function is Ti. seconded by Ne. ENTp's are Ne followed by Ti. This is Socionics not MBTI/Keirsey. -- Anonymous
A10 I have an INTj roommate with whom I've discussed such things in some detail. He assures me this is very common in his experience, as is a deep desire to emotionally connect with somebody of the opposite sex (inferior Fe), as opposed to relating to them through logic. Not at all unusual, I would think. -- INFp
A11 You're an ISFP. -- entp
A12 @A11 - Care to explain your reasoning behind that one? Your conclusion strikes me as somewhat unsubstantiated. -- Krig (INTj)
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