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Question #1141918472Thursday, 9-Mar-2006
Category: ISTp
Is there any truth to the rumor that ISTP women can often be characterized as "high profile drama queen" with marked tendencies to lie and manipulate their men? -- nha
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A1 Introverts by definition avoid the lime light. So, it's not likely that an ISTp lady is a drama queen. And, lying and being emotional manipulate sounds like F traits to me. Finally, there are always exceptions and please do not generalize a type based on one or two observation(s) even if indeed you have bumped into such an unsual ISTp. -- Anonymous
A2 I should have stated that this "high profile drama queen" rumor is to be understood in the context of a relationship. AFAIK, the big I doesn't inhibit melodramatics in that context. I know plenty of ISTp's with sterling character, but I suspect that a liar and manipulator is more likely to be an ISTp than any other type. ISTp's are practical and logical and not real concerned about what other people think. Lies and manipulation are practical and logical and callous. Check out this quote from the ISTP uncovered description: "ISTps can often hurt the ones they love. Why would you want to do this? The one way to understand your feelings towards the loved ones is by hurting them and watching them suffer, only then you can be sure of how much you love them." If that doesn't betray a certain callousness of heart, I don't know what would. -- NHA
A3 I'm an ISTP woman, and I can honestly say that's the complete opposite of me. -- anon.
A4 All types will lie. Manipulation ISTPs I will say tend to do, not for self benefit though. Because we cant understand what people are feeling we can try to manipulate so it appears we feel a certain way. Best of intentions, I swear -- ISTA
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A5 ISTp are quite ethical. I doubt an ISTp would be manipulating or otherwise harmful. It's just that treat people with nearly complete indiference if they don't feel symapthy. I'm ENFp and can't really stop being concerned about ISTps... they tend to be quite nice to me and I can't really explain it. Just today I had my car at the mechanic (ISTp) and he offered me to fix some things for free... is it really true that we are so charming? -- Mexican ENFp
A6 Not that I know of. It seems true that type can potentially amplify one form of vice over another. But type can also cause skewed misperception of a "vice" in another, for lack of understanding. ALL TRUE VIRTUE IS INDEPENDENT OF TYPE. Contrary to popular fallacy, NO type is truly more ethical than another, regardless of whether they're more logically or emotionally wired. -- Anonymous
A7 Anyone can be manipulative in a relationship including good people, to a certain degree. I am an ISTP male and I have done a bit of manipulation in the past, present and I am sure that I will in the future as well and have also allowed myself to be manipulated when I don't think that it's going overboard. That being said, I believe that ISTP's would tend to be the least manipulative personality types for one simple reason: We usually have a very pronounced sense of fairness or fair play about us. If there is something that we wouldn't want to have you or anyone else do to us, chances are, we wouldn't do that to you from the start, simply because we wouldn't appreciate that action being directed to us. -- MCOX
A8 I am an ISTP woman, and that description is the complete opposite of me. -- Anonymous
A9 Maybe ESTp. -- Anonymous
A10 Maybe INTJ, but not ISTP. -- anonymous
A11 I don't know, have you ever read Hedda Gabler? I read somewhere that she was an ISTP character and she's as you describe. Not really 'high profile' by intention, just because she was so manipulative and bored her desires got out of hand. Er, and she was a bit ~terrible~. *grins* Great character. Don't know how true to life ISTP she is, but it read as being possible. Just because we've never met an ISTP woman like that doesn't mean they don't exist. -- DreamingOne
A12 I thought high-profile drama queens described people with stong Fe. -- Anonymous
A13 One shoudn't confuse character traits with personality types. -- Anonymous
A14 I am an ISTp female, and I obsess over the honesty in my interactions. I am pretty self-contained; if I'm going to go outside myself and interact with someone, it ain't worth it unless I'm convinced of its authenticity. Alternately, I hate thinking about socializing so much; I wish I could just feel free in social contexts. But when I do, I tend to act like a chameleon, picking up cues from the people around me - which not only lowers my profile (opposite of drama queen), but also sends me scurrying back to my mental hidey hole asking myself what I mean by it. I'd rather have a physical activity or a specific mutual intellectual interest to structure my social interactions; say going to a cocktail party would sound both boring and a little intimidating. That being said, our Hidden Agenda is "to love", so if we're out of balance, we may resort to drastic measures in order to get or keep love - so, "drama queen" could be a ploy directly due to the fact that we normally try to be the opposite! -- iAnnAu
A15 What rumor? Sarah Connor from The Terminator is my view of an ISTP woman. Not my definition of a drama queen. -- Chrissyc
A16 A6, A7, A13 and A14 all have good points. That about sums up the thread. Also ISTps are not very high profile people; what's this thread about? A14 writes: "I'd rather have a physical activity or a specific mutual intellectual interest to structure my social interactions; say going to a cocktail party would sound both boring and a little intimidating." Same is true for the guys. -- Anonymous
A17 I am an ISTP person and we aren't we would be the last personlity to manipulate. We simply don't care to do so, find no practical purpose in it, and it goes against the whole rest of our being. Someone got the ISTP thing and drama queen, manipulator, lier mixed up with something that sure is not an ISTP!! NO WAY! RE-TEST! -- Swedeie
A18 i know a istp woman, and she is constantly bothered with something not going her way, part of it is the job and other part is a messed up familiy situation. she is not the type to get along with most people, because she is stubborn, even sometimes furious. often she is hurting someone, because she herself is hurt. she doesnt do it intentionally, it just happens, because she cant take the step back and analyse the situation. this is due to private, personal problems, i dont think this is typical for other istps. basically she wants to be free and she wants to be respected, but her situation is otherwise and not easy to solve. but to us friends, it all comes over as a real drama, enfolding right in front of our eyes. we try to help, but it is not easy, we can't provide a solution. i cant tell more specific facts, because its private, but i wanted to confirm, that an istp can be in a situation, where everything is dramatic. but it is not a trait of the personality itself, it is more like a trap, istp gone wrong so to speak. -- Anonymous
A19 Honestly, I find ISTP's to be one of the least dramatic types, they almost seem emotionless most of the time. Very laid-back. I don't think manipulativeness is a common trait with them, they seem to prefer people submitting to them on their own grounds rather then having to win them over by creating lies and such -- An INFJ
A20 I'm an ISTP female as well, and I know that I am far from a manipulator trait. I'm similar to what A19 said, and other ISTPs on here. Definitely don't like the drama, in fact, I like to stay away from it. And definitely don't like to get in the spotlight. I am comfortable just staying in the background. -- ISTp fem
A21 I am also an ISTP female. My thoughts are this: ANY type can be a manipulator and a liar. That has to do with character and moral fiber, not personality type. As far as watching my relatives play manipulating gossipy games with one another: I have told my mother that I have no interest in hearing it, and she has knocked it off with me. I have no time or interest in it. I watch my mother-in-law feeler-type do it one day a year, and it just about drives me to scream at her. I just don't want to hear it. -- Cathy
A22 Heck yes there is truth. I just had an incedent with it 3 hours ago, odd timing. I confronted my 'best' friend about lying and checking her facts, and she immediatly got defensive and blew up in my face, unfortunatly unaware that I was trying to help. And when I explained that I was trying to help, she just shoved it back in my face. I completely agree with that rumor, but I don't think it is fair to judge ALL ISTPs. -- -INTP
A23 drama yes, when I'm overly freaking out, confused, in love! No manipulation just for the sake of it though, what's the point? If I'm trying to get someone to notice me then yes I will develop a 'tactic'/plan, but no lies or manipulation. Overall pretty low maintenance though, as long as I'm feeling at ease. Will only bbecome "high profile drama queen" when trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my emotions! ps: Perfect representation of an ISTP girl - bored with routine, living on the edge, prefer to be active, introverted and a bit of a hermit (without us all being assasins, of course..):

-- Anonymous
A24 A23. The music video 'Spectacular Girl' features an (MBTI:ENTJ, Socionics: LIE) female. Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft) is a better representation of an (MBTI:ISTP, Socionics: LSI) woman. -- jgbr
A25 That is more ESTP or ISTJ potential in search of the dramatic INFP or ENFJ partner - not Delta behavior. -- Anonymous
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