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Question #1136833433Monday, 9-Jan-2006
Category: INTp Hidden Agenda Functions
I'm not sure I understand the INTP hidden agenda. I can be affectionate when the mood strikes, but even among those closest to me I'm known as cold. Wouldn't an INTP be more interested in acquiring knowledge, creativity, or even power? It doesn't seem reasonable to me. Why would I make it my goal "to love"? Love what? -- Anonymous
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A1 I think that while INTPs and ISTPs have the same hidden agenda, they have very different ways of expressing it. The hidden agenda is usually related to a type's weakness. You say that you "are known as cold." INTPs usually come across as being cold and unaffectionate. We are not really cold, and we often look for ways to communicate our affectionate side better. INTPs usually enjoy sex because it gives them an opportunity to express their affectionate side. --Anon -- Anonymous
A2 INTP female= me. I read this and it definately makes sense... but it's love for the right people/person--Someone who is worthy of it. I loved a guy and he told me I was VERY affectionate and that's what he loved about me. Maybe he also loved that I was pretty cold to most everyone else. Too bad it didn't work out, but I can't wait to love like that again. Funny thing though... it's definately a hidden agenda. I often make a "pact" with myself to not be involved, to not love so much, to not let anyone know I care. But once I start caring I let the pact go to hell and dive right in! -- observer84
A3 As an INTP male, I can relate to what observer84 has said. I also find myself making secret pacts with myself to not commit not only to relationships, but also to projects, plans, objects - anything I can get sentimentally attached to. I have a real weakness when it comes being disappointed by a matter that involves my sentiment. -- svax
A4 "Wouldn't an INTP be more interested in acquiring knowledge, creativity, or even power?" Yes we are, and we don't try hide it, hence they are not hidden. And add money to the list. In fact some INTp's might be even proud about that they are greedy, knowledgeable etc. These are primary motives, that we go directly after, without feeling shame. For example ESFp who has "to know" as their hidden agenda, would be ashamed to admit that they did their homework. Hidden agenda isn't a primary motive, probably not even a secondary. But it's a motive netherless, something that INTp's approach slyly, when it doesn't interfere with something more important. "Love what?" Other person(s). -- Anonymous
A5 If you're an INTp, I'd say you're in denial of your need for love. Just like the rest say, INTps do not go around and bestow their love and affection to everyone but to those that they do care, love and affection are almost unconditionally given. Unconditional after INTps have decided/realized that that person matters. It's this realization that makes INTps be stingy with love and affection in the first place, I think. -- Anonymous
A6 The hidden agenda is something that a person supposedly has difficulty with, but that they strive to achieve nonetheless. To say that the hidden agenda of an INTp (or an ISTp) is "to love ..." suggests that they are incapable of loving. That is a tremendous over simplification. It is better said that IXTp's are not adept at dealing with their own feelings. And when they do so it is usually by some naive means like making a pact with themselves "not to love." -- Anonymous
A7 To answer the question directly, the most complete possession of knowledge, creativity and power is had only by those who (have "so much" that they) can "give" freely...even to someone who wants of it endlessly. A5: Do you mean that they need to have someone/thing they consider worthy of "loving" or do you mean that INTps need some "object of affection" (just any) in the absence of something "worthwhile?" I ask, because I've come to interpret "hidden agenda" as an "over-arching theme" for each type's personality. EX: The hidden agenda for EST/Fjs is "to be perfect." What else is that but to say that they are usually not? But then again, nobody is perfect...but for whatever reason, EST/Fjs have "want of perfection" ([Ne] - essences of phenomena, estimation of opportunities, etc.) as an over-arching theme in their conscious lives even while is not something they control consciously. Are INTps likely to "yearn" to "fall in love" daily -- even if they have difficulty finding what they want, engaging their "quarries" etc.? -- Anonymous
A8 Would in PoLR be characterized by poor understanding (or in more extreme cases, awareness) of one's own emotional condition as well as others'? -- Anonymous
A9 @A7:'Do you mean that they need to have someone/thing they consider worthy of "loving" or do you mean that INTps need some "object of affection" (just any) in the absence of something "worthwhile?"' I'm not A5. But, first of all it's not "something", like some people try to imply, it means just romantic relantionship and children of your own. Nothing else. And the object of love, must qualify the stardards, such as for starters love you back. If it was otherwise, all INTp's would just get pets and love them, and be fully satisfied with their hidden agenda. 'Are INTps likely to "yearn" to "fall in love" daily - even if they have difficulty finding what they want, engaging their "quarries" etc.?' No just once (well if that one fails, possibly a new one), just to find someone, but not just anyone. It's more about finding real love, than have new flings. Anyway I don't see the point in people trying to turn our hidden agenda, into some weird mystic quest of love. There's nothing more to it, than that we suck badly at getting into romantic relantionships, simple as that. -- INTp
A10 @A8 No, that's . But people who have as PoLR have even weaker . -- Anonymous
A11 For anyone who's really curious, the recent version of Casino Royale offers a pretty clear-cut illustration of ISTp hidden agenda. INTp hidden agenda is similar. Thanks A9, that answers my question. -- Anonymous
A12 @A9 or anyone: I know that 30-years-old INTp guy whom Ive heard several times saying that he wanted a girlfriend, and he also said that often his way of thinking is not symbolism or systematism, but spermatism. However, he is very shy with girls, and once he got crazy when a girl at the bar smiled at him. He was standing there for 15 minutes saying to us: "She smiled at me! Should I speak to her?" We kept telling him she was smiling at everyone, but he wouldnt listen. Finally, he decided not to speak to her, because "What if she isnt Christian?". Then he drove us in his car, but stopped when he saw two pretty girls walking along the street, and drove slowly behind them until they looked back at him. Then he got scared and drove away. Could this be the INTp hidden agenda? Searching for just any object of affection but at the same time wanting it to be worthwhile (=Christian)? -- Ezis
A13 @A12. One day he'll probably just gonna rape and murder. -- Anonymous
A14 @A12: Yeah, that was hidden agenda allright. I certainly can somewhat relate to that, although (hopefully) I'm not as creepy as he sounds He's obviously has been alone for waaay too long, or worse yet forever. So it's getting more and more mentally unhealthy. Yeah, those are the type of requirements INTp's have. Although INTp's have less requirements, and less irrational and "impossible" requirements than people in general. Still it's unlikely that they will compromise them, like most people end up doing. My guess is that he really only has 3: 1) christian, 2) good looking enough (probably doesn't have any spesific "type" in mind) 3) willing. Those girls that he seemed to be interested, do you think they were out of his league? If this guy is your friend, maybe you should help him to find a girlfriend. Or at least a fling, that would probably help with his mental health, and "spermatism". He's probably horny in the way african kids are hungry, as opposed to someone who's hungry because he is glutton. -- INTp
A15 I have plenty of good examples of ISTps from movies illustrating both behavior and HA. Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon... Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy... DeNiro as Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver). The REALLY OBVIOUS one is Han Solo, the pilot/mechanic/mercenary from Star Wars. By some uncanny "coincidence" all of these ISTps fall for ENFps. Was Princess Leia an ENFp/diplomat? -- you betcha! Clearly, not all ISTps are assassins/mercenaries/etc. but the behaviors of these characters are typical of ISTps. INTps are not so common in movies (or maybe I just don't know them) but DEVIL'S ADVOCATE provides a resounding example: Reeves as Kevin Lomax, an IN(T)p lawyer. He almost seems like an ENTj until the ending reveals his hidden agenda -- he attempts to avenge his wife's death by force (inspired function ) and (having lost so much) sacrifices himself for the "greater good" . Movies are great for type analysis because they provide detailed examples (some better than others of course) that everyone has easy/direct access to. If anyone else has any clear examples (for any type), please post them. -- also wrote A11
A16 @A15. The best example of INTp hidden agenda, is the tv-serie Numb3rs. -- Anonymous
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A17 complex theme developed, and many fold answers. what is the hidden theme - PoLR, what does it mean to posses the hidden theme. one poster said a hidden theme is an 'over-arching Mission' so some personality types would have there hidden mission as: perfecting one or other thing, and us as loving. I tend to disagree. the normal INTP conscious state is to subliminally expect perfection and all the other hidden themes to manifest intrinsically by there primary action, but they are fully aware that the primary limit to there actions are Energy State, as such they seek this out, and the 'resting theme in love is that energy state required' it's why INTPs are so academically and theoretically arrogant, for they master subthemes that other types struggle with. consider, for another type, because of the duals available to them, and primary information metabolism,...they are broad-sided to get the Relationships and Society thing right, and struggle with 'perfection' and everything else a intp is broad-sided too, to take my phrasology. (tip, read aloud, with breaths if u can't read my sentences). no that INTP should not rape one day, are so many intp's predisposed to this evil in the world? no they should just 'murder' and dig into the systems which thawt them. which prise is better, INTPs destroying societal rules,..and 30% enjoying life as a consequense , or all intps failing the social needs cannundrum and being real predators on society from the feebleness which has caused there animal state of raping and murdering as A10 was apt to say - @sirac -- Anonymous
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