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Question #1135675330Tuesday, 27-Dec-2005
Category: INTp Relationship Activity
My Myers-Briggs test results usually show up as INTP, but I have a passion for justice and a desire to lead. What are the implications of this in terms of relationships? Also, I would like my future mate to be an activity partner as well. What is the best way, if a way exists, to establish a stable, lifelong conjugal relationship with an activity partner? -- JK
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A1 If you don't have an answer for both questions, the first one is more important. -- JK
A2 Possibly you'll be dominating and your partner will be found under your submission (according to the information given). Good in some circumstances, especially if your partner is the type who would rather follow than lead. Honestly you do not sound like a INTp...or maybe you're just influenced by your subconscious functions, possibly hinting development of weaker areas. It's interesting to note that you are seeking for an activity partner. Activity partners usually activate each other's unconscious function, in an arrhythmical manner, and that's why you need periods of recharging before engaging each other again. It is possible to have a lifelong relationship with an activity partner. Ingredients: Physical attraction (to keep both together while recharging) Intellectual attraction (same reason) Lots of activities (this comes naturally) Space and time (both must be willing to give) Love If you've got them all and you mix it well in a pot, in the right quantities and at the right time, it should work out. But do not expect the same stimulation as with a dual partner. I live with a brother who is an activity partner. We're usually sitting next to each other using the computer and doing nothing together when. At other times we'll be talking non-stop (both introverts, how interesting) and playing games. Virtual games of course, and sometimes he gives way to me and we do sports. Well most of the time is spend alone and away from each other (even though we're sitting a metre away) and that's the difference between activity and dual partners. One's for activity and the other's probably your soul mate. -- LoveSeeker
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A3 Although my test results usually come up as INTp, sometimes they say INFp or INTj. These variations might explain why I do not sound completely like an INTp. However, I do love facts and information more than most people, and that is characteristic of INTp's. -- JK
A4 I just took the socionics test, and it came out INxx. Although it is not as thorough as the MBTI, it may explain why my interests deviate from those of typical INTp's. -- JK
Moderator's comment
Sorry, but the log file shows INxp not INxx
A5 The file actually said INxx in the "Summary" box but suggested that I am probably an INxp in the description below. -- JK
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