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Question #1134432865Tuesday, 13-Dec-2005
Category: ENTj Advice
Hello, I'm a definite ENTJ (have been typed as such multiple times, and the descriptions are spot on), and have been browsing your site & forums for some time now (Great work on it all btw!). My question is as follows: Regarding the (+) & (-) of my type, "Organising everyday matters can cause you considerable difficulty. You often have no time for rest. " These are all too real for me. I'm always involved in one or more business plans / proposals / new projects - but lately have had significant trouble getting much accomplished throughout the day. I can make a list of priority things 'to do', in a day, and it will remain untouched for weeks. I've never had these problems before - but I notice the 'no time for rest' has been more accurate lately than ever before as well. Nothing has really changed in my personal life that could cause this, at least that I'm aware of. Any thoughts or suggestions on minimizing reduced efficiency levels for a good old ENTJ? (male - 26 yrs old) Thanks in advance! BD -- Dan
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A1 Your dual, ISFj, might provide a solution for you. The dual is usually better than you with the tasks you would rather skip and do something more creative yet forced to do out of necessity. -- d-_-b
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A2 Totally agree! As a 25 y/o ENTJ in a relationship with a INFJ, I'm learning much about being content doing "boring" things. I try to plan out every moment of the day doing something interesting, and when it comes time to cook or something else boring, I get it done as quickly as possible. on the other hand, she'll get creative with cooking and talk with me over a glass of wine, while doing so. Whereas when I cook I have 3 pots going, while I chop veggies and haphazardly throw sauce around, just so I can make a meal in 15 minutes. -- Harper
A3 "Whereas when I cook I have 3 pots going, while I chop veggies and haphazardly throw sauce around, just so I can make a meal in 15 minutes." lol that is so me -- Lennon Entj 22 years old
A4 Yep, I (ENTj) pride myself on cooking up a whole meal as fast as possible. This drive usually kicks in when there's nothing left to eat in the fridge. -- Anonymous
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