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Question #1130432994Thursday, 27-Oct-2005
Category: INTp Typing Hidden Agenda
I usually turn up as an INTP on the tests. Even on the Socionics test I came up as an INTP. However, after reading the Socionics Type Profiles I see myself in the ISTP bracket. As the hidden agenda of both the types is the same, is there an easier way of finding out?(I suspect I may not be an N) -- anonymous
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A1 Hmm...if you really are an irrational type then I am wondering why you are confused about the N/S dichotomy since theoretically you should be more confused about the T/F dichotomy due to the nature of the hidden agenda. Perhaps the answer to this is that due to environmental influences you have been using a function that is naturally one of your weaker functions (such as a super-ego function) and this has lead you identify with a type that is not your own. My advice to you is not to overanalyze the question because in doing so you will be involving elements of your behavior that are unrelated to your type. In fact do not think of the question of whether you are S or N in terms of behavior but in terms of attitudes and preferences. If you are S you will prefer order and harmony. You will revel in a fine atmosphere. You will disdain slovenliness and carelessness. If you are N you will be welcoming and receptive to the unusual and varied. You will appreciate different perspectives and loath close-mindedness. If this does not help then I suggest you investigate intertype relations and look into theories regarding the nature of the quadra. I also want to make a point of suggesting to you that possibly you are J instead of P. This idea stems from my observations that much of the confusion that surrounds determining ones type relates to the hidden agenda. However this is more of a vague generalization rather than a rule so if you instinctively feel that this idea is implausible then please discount it. -- lucille
A2 Dont idealize a particuler type. I've long suspected that most people who add to this site are not the types that they think they are. If you strongly suspect that you're an S instead of an N than you might be an S instead of an N. -- Anonymous
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A3 Regarding to the hidden agenda, it manifests differently between INTp and ISTp. Maybe you should read here how ISTp's and INTp's describe how their hidden agenda manifests in practice. Also it depends on if you are male or female. The main difference generally is that INTp's aren't interested in doing practical things. Especially things like cooking, cleaning etc. And INTp's have more mental interests. ISTp's are more interested in doing stuff in practice. In tests there might easily be confusion. As INTp's can think in very practical manner, so don't necessarily see themselves as "unpractical". While ISTp's don't want to see themselves as "unimaginative", nobody does. @A1: Usually T/F is the easiest to tell apart. More difficulty rises if it's a male F, or a female T. You also seem to have some confusion between what is S/N and J/P. -- INTp
A4 In response to A1: "S ... will prefer order and harmony ... revel in a fine atmosphere ... disdain slovenliness and carelessness. N ... will be welcoming and receptive to the unusual and varied ... appreciate different perspectives and loath close-mindedness." I don't see the traits mentioned as being exclusively S or N - it comes down to interpretation, of course, but to generalize, I've read over & over that S focuses on details and dwells on things in terms of past & present ... N prefers the big picture and loves to extrapolate into the future. I am an S who revels in the unusual & varied, but I much prefer that I have time & space to examine them. And I feel quite stultified only interacting with similar types; as much as I need alone time, I also need varying perspectives. So that might explain why I took issue with your assertions. One mentor asked a question along the lines of "When presented with a possibility, would you rather know if it's along the lines of something that's already been done, or if it's something unlike anything that's ever been done before?" Been done = S, Never been done = N. But definitely for me, it came down to that I enjoy the details of a system more than the entirety of the system (although I ultimately prefer to grok both). -- iAnnAu
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