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Question #1123319280Saturday, 6-Aug-2005
Category: Advice
First off, know that I am young. Now for my question: I've been pretty into personality and such for a long time, but I think that when I test, I kind of know what kind of outcome I want. I always end up as an ENFp, but as I browsed this site, I became less confident about that, feeling kind of like an ESFp. I'm not knowledgable in the least about V.I., but I do think I look more like the ESFp. I really want to know what I actually am, though! Can you help? I could even send a picture if need be. -- mirar08
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A1 You might want to check out these type descriptions too: "The Psychologist" is ENFp and "The Politician" is ESFp. ENFps tend to have more "out there" interests including all kinds of new and unusual things while ESFps are more in the here and now and pay attention to everything going on around them instead of letting their imagination run wild. Hope that helps. -- ptl
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A2 One way to help if you keep getting the same results is don't use them. Look at the definations and thats it. Now look at yourself, kind of rip your soul out of your body and analyze what your first instict is to do. If this is to abstract just tape a note on the cieling above your bed that says "how did i react today?". This will help you to remember to think about the choices you made that day and help to define yourself. Long definition short don't use a test to find who you are, use how you answer to figure out who you are. also don't forget that we are all a unique blend of i/e s/n t/f and j/p so do this a lot for one night you might act a little more intuitive than normal or vice versa. It's you primary one that you want to worry about. For example i am a intp but it is not like i am the epitome of detachment. I have a cat sitting beside me right now that i really didn't need but brought home out of the parking lot anyway because he was begging for food. Does this make me f, of course not, it shows that i am a blend of t/f just like everyone else. -- kang the mad
A3 I know exactly what you mean. I'm an esfp and the enfp and esfp are very similar. Try a MBTI test you've never tried before, works, and answer as honestly as possible. Try to curb the urge to answer how you want to be as opposed to how you really act. Truly answer as yourself and You'll get a pretty accurate assesment. ^____^ -- LHW
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This is probably the most ridiculous test of all personality tests in the world (this is why we do not advertise the URL). If one answers "no preference" on all questions they should end up with XXXX type because the test is built on the standard 4 scales principle, so no preference - no type. However if one answers "no preference" and chooses their gender as Female they end up as ISFP - Introvert: 1%, Sensory: 26%, Feeling: 1%, Perceiving: 1% and if they chose their gender as Male they end up as ESTP - Extrovert: 6%, Sensory: 29%, Thinking: 8%, Perceiving: 1%. Please don't try this at home...
A4 I have taken personality tests more frequently over the last year or two, and the results are consistent but sometimes I puzzle over them as well. Personally, (and perhaps this is just due to my "type"), I don't think that our personalities are really meant to be put inside a box and labeled necessarily. (This is just an opinion.) I think that personalities are more complicated than that, but that these tests help one to grow in their self-awareness (i.e.-strengths, weaknesses, and social interactions). Reflecting in this way provides very beneficial & useful information, but perhaps more of a means to understanding yourself than an end (a label). Just food for thought on the journey of self-discovery. -- also learning still
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