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Question #1123217171Friday, 5-Aug-2005
Category: Functions
Can your dominant function be intuition of time even if you are really bad at timekeeping? -- lucy
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A1 Possibly. However, it frequently seems that INFPs and INTPs are walking clocks. If this question pertains to you, don't automatically eliminate INFP and INTP from your list of possible sociotypes, but still consider the possibility that you are ENFJ or ENTJ if you truly feel that you have strong introverted intuition. -- Anonymous
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A2 what are you talking about an INTP or INFP walking clocks, the only ones that are clocks are Js. Vanice -- Vanice
A3 If by "Intuition of time" you're referring to Ni, it's about sequences of events, cause and effect, etc., rather than actual minutes and seconds. There's a lot of disagreements about what Ni is exactly, but from my understanding the "time" bit is most commonly referred to as a sequence of events over time. Whether this really is true or not, I'd say it makes much more sense than the common view that Ni dominants are masters of timekeeping. -- BLauritson (INTp)
A4 That makes 0 sense at all. "Ni" refers to "creativity quotient. ENFP, INFJ, INTJ and ENTP are all LEAD CREATIVES. However, since INTJ and INFJ are both introverts, their inner creativity is not readily available to people unless you delve into it. I was married to an INFJ, he was very creative. Creativity is their first and foremost function seen. Which can scare people or amuse them. The "J" preference refers to scheduling timeclock by the book anal rententive asshole! as opposed to the "P" preference for indecisivness, disorderliness and open-endedness. -- Vanice
A5 You people are WAY WRONG! The Ni fucntion is a powerhouse of creative, ingenious, strategic planning combined with GUT INSTINCT. Although SPs are also creative, they are creative with the concrete world. Whereas NFs and NTs are creative in the abstract world. If I had a business to run, say an advertising agency. I would hire a team of ENFP ENTP INFJ and INTJ. INTJ would the mastermind dictator that he is naturally. I am the facilitator and group dynamics funny gal, INFJ is the backhand writer since he has more focus than ENFP or ENTP and ENTP is the hedonistic money making creative genious, of course we all trade hats, but this little foursome, might have a little fun at work. WINK! -- VANICE THE ENFP
A6 And as far as visual typing goes, it is completely a farse. There is no possible way to visually type someone, UNLESS, you are looking at their wardrobe. For instance, ENFPS generally dress feminine, as with other F women, whereas thinking women would probably avoid feminine or seductive clothing. SJ females are too frigid and worried about respect to completly open up sexually. -- Vanice
A7 You wanna talk powerhouse creativity, lets try INTJ ENFP ENTP and INFJ lounging on couches, thowing a ball back and forth to eachother and BRAINSTORMING IDEAS. Now most INFJs are not gonna open up like this unless at work. I know four INFJs. And they are all very secretive. But you get us four together and we can have a little private fun. GIGGLES -- Vanice THE ENFP
Moderator's comment
Could you please try to combine your multiple ideas in 1 post next time please?
A8 Measured "Time" is usually a quality of judgement. It is a tool of survival. The thing one must remember is that Ni dominants are stuck inside their Ni, just like, for example, an INTj is stuck in their Ti world. It's how the ego works -- Jadae
A9 I hate to break it to you, but Socionics and MBTI aren't exactly the same systems. I'm not going to bother arguing over it, but since the two systems have varied definitions of the functions, you'll likely find some conflict over this matter. Even the J/P thing has a different meaning in Socionics, hence why the Socionics types have a lowercase j/p as opposed to the MBTI's uppercase J/P. Oh well, it's up to you which system you prefer, just don't be surprised if you find some disagreement between the functions on this site. -- BLauritson the MBTI INTJ/Socionics INTp
A10 Vanice, you have no clue what they (or you) are talking about. J's like schedules, wich has nothing to do with internal sense of time. Someone who is a "walking clock", doesn't need a schedule. BLauritson has a good point though, if that actually is Ni thing. ENTp, ENFp, INTj and INFj "have" Ne. INTp, INFp, ENTj and ENFj have Ni. Also your list of "lead creatives" is wrong. The types should be included in the list, depends on what the person means by creativity. I would start with INTp, ENTp and INTj on the list, in that order. Also ENTp's aren't either hedonistic or money makers. Just as little as INTj's are dictators. -- Anonymous
A11 Dude, Vanice is such a spammer. . .I'm a big fan of not stereotyping personality types, too, and I would think that the whole "hedonistic money makers" or "dictators" etc. would fall under the realm of limited thinking. -- Anonymous
A12 When it comes to stereotypes Gammas [ESFp, INTp, ENTj, ISFj] are the money makers and Betas [ESTp, INFp, ENFj, ISTj] are the dictators. And I might correlate "hedonism" to Extraverted Sensing and/or Introverted Sensing, although it could probably be found in any type/function/quadra [not just Sp's]. -- Anonymous
A13 I'm a kind of walking clock, always knowing how much time each activity needs, almost never using alarm-clocks and never being late. However I'm a "S" type and likely also a "P" type. SLI is the first choice, ESI the second choice, as I'm still not totally sure. Actually I recognize time through "external" circumstances as light, noises, etc. -- piccolo_michel
A14 If you want to increase your Ni you should stop wearing watch. -- Anonymous
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