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Question #1122962439Tuesday, 2-Aug-2005
Category: INTj Polls
Regarding the" class="nav-link3">current poll.. How accurate are these? I was surprised to see so many votes for the intj. I even wonder how many of those votes were cast by intj's themselves, especially considering their notorious over self-confidence in their own abilities. Also you must take into account the number of intj's that visit this site (and others like it) probably outnumber some of the other types. I myself am an intj, and though I think there are a number of other types that would make exceptional leaders (and more preferrable than intj's as well!) given they have enough life experience (this goes for any type.. being well-rounded and level headed is the key), I of course voted for intj. To an extent, yes, we are probably over-confident in our own abilities, but on the other hand leadership calls for a certain amount of this, as being in a position of leadership requires you to be responsible for not only your actions, but also the actions of others, and that means trusting your own ability first until others have demonstrated accountability. Now I am not justifying our all too common detached ignorance. That is not a sign of a well-rounded individual, which I believe (as stated above) is crucial for any type. As far as decision making goes, I would trust my own ability to weigh the pros and cons of any action, though I feel the xntp would be better suited for times of national discord and war. And for the record, we intj's would certainly have no qualms over another, more outgoing and socially adept type taking over at any time! Unless of course it was an entj. -- jb
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A1 Who said INTjs are self confident? -- Renegade
A2 " their own abilities" is the key part of that sentence. Meaning, we consider our own knowledge, areas of expertise, opinions, etc second to none until proven otherwise. Other than that we are generally a mess. -- jb
A3 INTjs are probably the best choice indeed if you're looking for a balanced leadership of your country. You have to be pretty twisted up just to want to lead the whole country. INTjs are not that power hungry, this is why they will be the best choice. -- d-_-b
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A4 In my opinion INTj is not necessarily the best choice to lead the country. In peace time economic concerns are of primary importance; to me this suggests as a dominant function, and solid foreign policy requires an awareness of the impact of history upon one's future relations with other nations likewise suggesting a dominant function. These imply that during peacetime one would probably want an ENTj as President. In wartime command requires decisive authority implying as a dominant function. As complement to this one may have only or . Of these four possibilities I would immediately disqualify and as these types are usually better as tacticians than as strategists. The only choices left then for a wartime President are , ESTp, and , ISTj. Both of whom belong to the beta quadra and are the types most common among military officers. -- metroGnome
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