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Question #1121811451Tuesday, 19-Jul-2005
Category: Functions Models Theory Typing Duality
First of all, I would like to appologize for my wierd English for not being native speaker of it. Now, question bothering me is about identifieng ones Dual Seeking function, be it people you know or your self. Why is this function important? From my experience, it is as important as one's hidden agenda and hidden agenda is not the only function causeing trouble, what people have and what's causes they might not understand due to it's subconciousness. Dual Seeking function could be an important element for understanding and helping people with their problems. So I would like to get some info how to find it out from people and about it's importance. -- K21
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A1 I think it is of capital importantce, especaially since people tend to pass it off secondary to the hidden aganda, as "important but not at the moment". People are often surprised to learn that the result produced by the sixth function stems from information pertaining to the fifth function, as people seem to think their particular fifth function is not as relevant in forming a worldview from the sixth function as the conscious functions are. Thats what my observation seems to confirm at least: People underestimate the relevance of the fifth function. As fas as indetifying it is concerned, thats easy: The fifth function is always the polar opposite of the dominant function. So for an ExTJ, the fifth function would be introverted feeling, for an ESxP,introverted intuition etc. -- Cheerio, INTP
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