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Question #1103066410Tuesday, 14-Dec-2004
Category: Theory Typing
What is the Socionics perspective on the association of types with common career choices? -- Anonymous
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A1 There are so many different jobs and career choices in existence, that it wouldn't be right to talk about stereotypical occupation associated with type. Instead, the particular job or career choice can always be analysed as to what kind of abilities it would require from an individual. Society creates jobs and career choices. Society defines their importance and their prestige, which also leads to the difference in financial arrangements. Society creates demands for different labour. The end of 20th century is characterised by the rapid development in the IT (Information Technology) industry, which generates a high demand for IT specialists. Because of the nature of this particular branch of industry, it is most suitable for NT types, since they have all the necessary abilities for it, and therefore is least suitable for SF types. Indivertibly, high salaries attract people with all sorts of types, including SF types too. The good occupation choice is when required abilities for a job correspond with the strengths the type can offer. Those strengths are usually defined by the content of the 1st and 2nd functions. For ENTj it is , for ISFp it is for example. The job related stress often comes from the necessity to perform activities, which require different abilities than those defined by the type strengths. Some people underestimate the importance of this subject. You can teach a bear to ride a motorcycle. However, when confronted with a problem, which requires a creative (non-ordinary) solution, the wrong candidate for a job is likely to make the wrong decision, which could lead to catastrophic consequences. -- Admin
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