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by Dr. Zoidberg

Since even econdude added his say, I feel compelled to add my 30 cents too. I'll call this article - "Reality-shreality".

Once upon a time there was a forum (true story, by the way). The administrator of the forum got bored with the forum's look and decided to refresh it by introducing a new theme. ...
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C1 What does this have to do with socionics? -- Anonymous
C2 Nothing and everything. -- Dr. Zoidberg
C3 That's good information and I agree that fights/debates/arguments should go on openly for the quickest conflict resolution. But, I would rather the article make it clear about what this is in reference to. -- g-rat
C4 Let's say your aunt is an extrovert and your grandma is an extrovert and your sister is an extrovert and your wife is an extrovert, what would this make you think? That there are probably more extroverts than introverts. But will your perception of reality be accurate? Just an example. -- Dr. Zoidberg
C5 Just leave me out of this, please! -- econdude
C6 I'm not sure if I agree with this article. I understand it to mean that debates and arguments on a forum should be avoided, and maybe that opinions should be avoided too. Sometimes arguments can get messy, especially when they're about dumb things like a theme for a forum, but are we not all entitled to our opinion? Do we not deserve to express ourselves? And do we not deserve to suffer idiots? After all, someone is probably enduring your weaknesses every day. . .I know many people endure mine. What's wrong with "tolerate and be tolerated"? -- Anonymous
C7 @C6 You must be the dumbest ass on the planet -- Anonymous
C8 Without a coherent analysis this article seems useless. -- RawB
C9 Mrs. Smith, do you have happy family? -O, yes, i have 5 sons and great husband! -And where they are now? - My younger son John is now in Iraq - My second son Mike is in Afghanistan - My third son Bill is in Kosovo now - My elder son Peter is now going to Iran - And where is your husband? - He is traveling now around the world with lections: "How to stop Russian's invadings in another countries -- Tolik
C10 Pigs taste better than octopus. -- Anonymous
C11 The title made me think this was going to be about INTx's seeing reality as an illusion. -- Anonymous
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