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Type and the hidden agenda
by Sergei Ganin

Every person has a hidden agenda. This agenda often governs one's intentions and behaviour. People are often unaware of its origin, but can always feel its significance. Some people are more affected by it than other people. Every type requires an optimal condition in which it can function properly. If such ...
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C26 Interesting THEORY. However, this is presented as if it were proven fact. The model offered, that categorizes the purported differing subtypes is only a model. Models are not tangible; they exist for the purpose of bring cognitive structure to ethereal concepts. This article is written as if these concepts had the same construct validity as say a clearly defined human body organ system. I believe the way this is written really detracts for the credibility of the article. By trying to present the information in a style that appears to give the information an assertion of validity beyond its possible scope, the articles give the impression it was written by a mere scam artist, or perhaps someone totally void of any credible scientific structure. This is a shame because the concepts are interesting and nicely articulated. Try a more professional/scientific presentation. -- Anonymous
C27 @C26 If someone says 'your roof is on fire', he has to be a fireman for it to be true, right? So how come you expect the author to take a comment from some *anonymous* passer by seriously? -- Anonymous
C28 I think that ENFj/ENTj do fit into the "to be wealthy" agenda. And is not about money, it is about how they understand the meaning of being successful. Anyone has an personal understanding of what does "being successful" mean to them. Just ask yourself "What would I be like when I'll be able to confidently say that I succeeded?" As an INFP - I would consider myself successful only if I was something like Buddha - not money,not health, not power, not even someone to love me - just deep understanding of everything around. Of course, this is something unlikely to happen to me, so I have a second meaning for success, which in theory should be enough to substitute the first one - to love+to be loved+to be wealthy+to be healthy....Only together they could give me a feeling of success, but if I could "understand" - I'd feel that I have everything else. -- Anonymous
C29 INTp here. I've spent a LOT of time looking into hidden agendas / hidden motives for different types and I find that perhaps some of these adjustments might be more accurate: INTp : To mentor; to share ideas with someone who's willing to listen to them (since INTp ideas tend to evolve over time, they should also be flexible listeners if that makes sense). Also, to show they have strong Fi principals as per the mobilizing function. ENFj: To be powerful; to demonstrate strength ENFp: To demonstrate their ability in practical matters as per Si (for example, being organized) INTj: To be healthy is good I think ENTp / ESTp is right I think, ESFp is bang on as well I think ESTj: To be ideal in the sense of a white pickett fence family (I've also hear 'to prove they are creative') INFj: to be healthy, mixed with introverted intuition they can come off as a hypochondriac tell me what you think. I'll get to the rest of them later if these look good -- Anonymous
C30 I'm an INTP, and I have to say that after listening to that audio book excerpt on how to be liked, I am surprised that anyone likes me at all (though I really don't actually care that much). I listened to the clip because my boss and i aren't getting along. We keep a professional respect but disagree constantly and tend to talk past each other. I belive that the techniques described would really work, except most of them are absolutely loathesome to me. I'm not going to act or talk or dress like him, I'm not going to socialize with him. I will, however, use the 'law of association to avoid him when he's in a bad mood. -- Anonymous
C31 ENFP - I want to say that I found Dr. Lieberman to be really, really creepy. It should be called "How to use and get what you want from people". I was offended particularly by his rebound thing. Seeing it as hilarious is a reasonable option, but for me, having once suffered a difficult divorce and being thrown unprepared into the world as a single Mom, I can tell you I did not like being seen as shark bait on the account that I was recently dumped and suffering from low self-esteem (because we ENFPs can't let go of a bad thing, and then blame ourselves...). If you know someone like this and want something meaningful and long-term someday, not just a chance to jump her bones, I suggest not trying to seduce her, but instead offer your chaste and manly assistance. They need it! Someday when she is ready she may fall in love with you for it... And if you take Lieberman's advice and take advantage of vulnerable hurting people you should be ashamed of yourself! -- Anonymous
C32 I am an ENFP and I am seriously falling in like with a dear and elusive ISTP... and I could not be more thrilled to imagine that his (very hidden) inner motive is to love. ( ! ) Did I sense this? I don't know but I do so much desire to love and be loved in return. Its the genuine real thing I desire, or nothing, because really, nothing is preferable to a cheap imitation. I might think my inner motive is to love. However, I am reminded at what I know is written, somewhere, on someone's copy of Michelangelo's beautiful Pieta: "TO KNOW IS TO LOVE". -- Anonymous
C33 Some of this seems so silly. All the time I see comments on this site about INFp not being able to understand as if the only kind of understanding is through data and facts. Maybe I'm misunderstanding people's comments-that's how ridiculous this is. Any path, if clung to like it's infallible, will eventually lead to confusion (too many facts, too many philosophical pieces of wisdom, too much Bible reading). So what is one left with? YOURSELF! Accept that what you have is enough (like Scarecrow had to in The Wizard of Oz-"the wisest man in all of Oz," by the way, and he didn't have a brain!). That is the answer for any type. You are perfect enough, loved enough, know enough... I can understand enough just fine to do whatever it is I want; take over the world if I want, and I'm an INFp. WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT YOU WANT. This world is SO HUNG UP on telling people that what they have is not enough (they're too black, too old, too white to dance, too INFp to understand). That's why what this world has IS NOT ENOUGH, old ways of thinking and doing things, with no one willing to step outside of the lines and BE THEMSELVES. Can you please just stop? The Wizard is not real, just smoke and mirros. Nobody, nothing is better than you, except maybe God, and if He thought He was better, maybe He would rule your life like a puppeteer instead of giving you free will. -- Marla Luster
C34 i am INTP = to love is very very accurate, i am like see the deep thing in people such as love, and love interst INTPs because its complex and need to be solved or analysed deeply, that why INTPs are the best ones who know the ways to start love very easily by smart and eye contacts then smile then a kiss but fails to finish it because he start the love by logic so he need strong logic to stop it, so he can't find that so he stay in relations forever, even if get separate by social norms and habits, he lives the passions in his heart and affairs and never forget it, so I think he love by true love and have many affections to many women, but INTP show his love by non conventional ways, he is confident from himself but relate that by his creative way to show women love, also as INTP man i see women love the showy men first and try to react with them or be a friends, but after a while they pay the attention on smart men, which INTP clearly appears from his social few talk but smart rational deep comments and love to people around, so i am personally get this many many times and saw women back to me and try to be with and detach from people SHOWY sometime, i feel it like magic even i never talk with them, but i know that they are talk about me and want me so much, i get 7 girls loved me at the same time and i managed all in the same time but i do not know how i did that, i can't say all details, but i am not a person start relation before analysis the women i will love to be with, so i pick also women interesting me by her pure soul and her way of thinking and beauty of mind and soul before body. So i can say that INTP love to human, things around me, the world, science, knowledge, Mystery of anything not fully understood or wrong understood , are love forever all time as a hidden mover to react to the external and internal world of INTP. -- Anonymous
C35 I think their is a mistake, the correct is ISTJ and INTJ = to be healthy.INFJ and ISFJ = to believe -- Anonymous
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