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A Calibrated Table of Correlations for the Enneagram and MBTI systems
by Mark Anthony Rockliff

Working title: "A table of correlations for the eighteen Enneagram sub-types and sixteen MBTI typology types plus two ambidextrous unrecorded types: the ambidextrous S&N and ambidextrous T&F".

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C1 I've been trying to figure out someone's socionics type for months now. Recently, I learned about the enneagram and by that system, ascertained his type and wing with remarkable ease. Amazingly, every socionics type I have considered for him is listed under his enneagram type per your chart - no more, no less. Bravo!! -- Anonymous
C2 I understood nothing from this article, nothing from nothing. Who the hell he is? Who told he is the trustable authority in making connections between Enneagram and MBTI? How did he do his researches? The enneagramist I know has told me that up to now only ONE serious study was done to extablish a correlation: the one done by Jerome Wagner.(a great enneagramist). He did statistics over hundreds of people who had both their enneatypes and MBTItype verified by specialists -- Anonymous
C3 I agree with the ESTP placement and possibly the INFJ placement. Every INFj I have met is a 9, that's probably about six people, I have been able to type as both. Every ENFp I have met is a 7, and that probably includes about 7 people. I am an INFp and a hardcore 4. INFPs are probably pretty evenly distributed between 2,4, and 9, but the only types I can really see as being a hardcore 4 are INFP and ENFJ, possibly a IxFP. I think I could almost qualify for an INxp, but I know that when hit with a stress point I have not previously encountered, that F is going to reign supreme. INTJs and ESTJs seem to be 1s. Why does he only include the wings as subtypes as opposed to the three subtypes of survival, sexual, and social? I cannot relate to being a 4 with a 5 wing or a three wing, I feel I am right in the center, however I am a flaming social 4. Again as the previous commentator asked, where did he get his information? -- ac
C4 4w5 main-type is ... ENTP? You can't be serious. 7w8 main-type ENTJ and 8w7 main-type ESTP? More like the other way around. -- Anonymous
C5 I am the same as c2, I understood absolutely nothing as well. If this is personality typing of the future then its days of being understood and accessible by the many are very, very much numbered. And ps I am not brains of brittain but i do have an iq of 140 so not exactly dim -- ISTp
C6 I am infp and a 4 with 5 wing. I know a lot of people say the enneagram is invalid, and that the basis for it is unscientific (some star pattern?), but it's been more helpful to me in typing people than MBTI alone. (Socionics descriptions mirror MBTI in my opinion and I don't know how to do socionics VI). The MBTI book "What Type Am I" has an enneagram-MBTI conversion chart that I have found to be useful in typing people I know who are the following types: infp (type 4 and 9), infj (type 1), istj (type 5), enfj (type 2), esfj (type 6) and estj (type 8). -- learning
C7 I'm a type 3 and a ENTp -- Anonymous
C8 can someone please explain to me the logic behind having an ENFJ aka Actor, as a type 2 (The Helper), and ENFP (psychologist) as a type 4, (the Individualist) ? I´d be more inclined to have it the other way around... please enlighten me we your thoughts and comments, thank you. -- Anonymous
C9 I would think ENFps who are enneagram type 4 are rare. Type 4 is very introspective and can be very separatist and elitist. ENFjs are dominant feelers and are extroverted so they want to please others and make people like them, as enneagram type 2s ("givers"). -- learning
C10 I'm an E4 ISFP/ISFp. -- Anonymous
C11 Yes, I agree with a lot of what people are saying.I dont think it is as systematic as you have layed it out.I think there is much more overlap between the types.INTP 4w5 -- Anonymous
C12 Here's number 7 for your list: E9 and INFJ. There are so many agreements Yvette, Netherlands -- Yvette netherlands
C13 I'm a 4, probably 3 wing. I test as an INFJ and INFP about equally. I am definitely INF and not a 9! The system shown in this article seems way, way off. My observations: type1: TJ; 2: EF; type 3: usually EJ, but could be almost any type; 4: INF; 5: IT, usually INT; type 6 varies : contraphobic 6w5s are T, often ISTP; phobic 6s are mostly F (feelers). 7s are generally ESFP, ENFP, ESTP, ENTP; 8 is ET; 9s are almost anything, but most likely ISFP /ISFJ. -- Anonymous
C14 I'm a 5, 4 wing and INTJ. The way I see the enneatypes/MBTI correlations: 1s are SJ Thinkers, 2s - SJ Feelers, 3 - ENFJ The Actor, 4 - introverted NF, 5 - introverted NT, 6 - introverted SP, 7 - extraverted SP, 8 - extraverted NT and type 9 - NF Perceiving. -- Anonymous
C15 I disagree with most of this. I'm an INFJ and a 5w/4 wing. Here's my take: 1w2 is ESTJ; 1w9 is ISTJ; 2w1 is ISFP and 2w3 is ISTP; 3w2 is ISFP and 3w4 is ESFP; 4w3 is ENFP and 4w5 is ENFJ; 5w4 is INFJ and 5w6 is INTJ; 6w5 is ISFJ and 6w7 is ESFJ; 7w6 is INTP and 7w8 is ENTP; 8w7 is ESTP and 8w9 is also ESTP; 9w8 is ENTJ and 9w1 is also ENTJ. -- Anonymous
C16 I've been looking for a chart like this for ages. I've been told that ENTJs can't be type 6w7. It's been so confusing. I can't figure out if I'm ENFJ with strong Te or ENTJ with strong Fe. And, while I am an intuitive sometimes I feel like Si is very strong with me and I've been called: ESTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ, ESFJ, and then I'm also told I think too much and talk to much. The description of 2w1 explains all of that. Combined with all my personality types being extraverted, makes sense I talk a lot. -- Anonymous
C17 INXJ, 4w5 here. Comment 14 seems way more accurate to me than the chart in the article. -- Anonymous
C18 Grossly inaccurate. INFP and enneagram 4w5. -- Anonymous
C19 Funny, all the extroverts that want to shoehorn themselves into withdrawn types 4 and 5, especially Fi types. If you have studied Karen Horney's Directional Theory, you can start to understand why this is laughable. ENFJ type 4? Not on your life. As an INFJ, I doubt an ENFJ would be willing to give up his/her cellphone and friends for a month, and then be ready to do it again at the end...ENFP as well. 4w5, the PIT of the enneagram, but it is the type of choice for some ENFP, ENFJ types because of their overactive minds. However, if they are typed accurately, I don't think so. Just because you tire of your friends and need a bit of downtime does not make you an introvert. 4w5 can reach hermit levels of seclusion and be more than "content" being so for indefinite periods of time...and they won't be depressed doing it. INFJ is seen as the most extroverted of the introverts, but that sure as hell don't make me an extrovert. Not even close! Enneagram 4 and 5 are withdrawn types that move away and against others...only when stressed do they move toward others. 4w5/5w4 is therefore double-withdrawn types and nowhere near the bubbly, friendly, effusive, flirty disposition presented by ENFP and ENFJ. I also find it funny that I hardly see any ENFP's typing themselves as 9, although it is the third withdrawn type in the Horney model. I have even seen some ENFP's typing themselves as 5w4! Nope, not happening. ENTP as a type 4w5? Again, not happening...try again. In my opinion, E types do not belong at E4 and E5...and definitely not 4w5/5w4. They do not have a dominantly introverted disposition that is prevalent and long-term. Withdrawn types don't get depressed because of seclusion, they embrace it as a condition of living and most are content to be so. -- mboutte
C20 I think that what the author wrote is based only on very few archetypes he had in his mind and cannot be taken seriously. Sincerely, ENTP 8w7. -- Anonymous
C21 This seems based more on the MBTI functions than the Socionics functions. Here's what I'd say for Socionics: Type 1 = all J types Type 2 = 2w1 = ENFj 2w3 = ESFj Type 3 = 3w2 = ESTj 3w4 = ENTj Type 4 = 4w3 = INTp 4w5 = INFp Type 5 = 5w4 = INTj 5w6 = ISTj Type 6 = 6w5 = ISFj 6w7 = INFj Type 7 = 7w6 = ENFp 7w8 = ENTp Type 8 = 8w7 = ESTp 8w9 = ESFp Type 9 = 9w8 = ISTp 9w1 = ISFp -- Anonymous
C22 Before assuming a simple correlation between MBTI and socionics everyone should check out this table (socionists typing Kiersey's type profiles): In particular check what was typed ESFp-much will start making sense. -- Anonymous
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