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ISTp uncovered

You can describe ISTp with one word - stingy, mean and miserable or you can do it with many - lazy. There are basically two generic variations of ISTp - happily greedy and unhappily greedy. The "happy" ISTp has slightly better developed social skills than the "unhappy" version.

The dream job for an ISTp would be the one where you can do nothing, get paid and don't have to give anything to anyone. An ISTp retailer would drive the prices up until it's just about possible to sell the goods for that price, whereas an ISTp shopper would often be seen at a car boot sale. However, this is not the only use of practical logic ISTp can be proud of. ISTps know how to do just about anything. Plumbing...sure, gardening...sure, brain surgery...piece of cake...Oops, never mind.

The most obvious thing that could give ISTps away is probably their obsession with pets. Sometimes it could reach ridiculous dimensions, turning ISTp's place into a zoo. This obsession is very closely connected with ISTp's hidden agenda. Since ISTps have unconscious need to be able to show their affection towards another, who could be a better suitable candidate for this than a pet, or better a dozen of them. People can reject your love and your good intentions, pets will never.

But here comes a twist. ISTps can often hurt the ones they love. Why would you want to do this? The one way to understand your feelings towards the loved ones is by hurting them and watching them suffer, only then you can be sure of how much you love them. Sounds cruel, but unfortunately this is the strange nature of this particular type of hidden agenda, which cannot be used as an excuse for such behaviour.

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