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INFp uncovered

If you were to combine the likeableness and playfulness of ISFp with the criticalness and religiousness of INTp, you would probably end up with a perfect INFp. Just as any other type, INFp is truly unique and is probably the type that is the most adaptable to any social environment. INFp's Feeling means not forcing points or arguments and their Intuition means not pushing people with their elbows or stepping on people's toes. Introvertedness keeps INFps from sticking out and Perceptiveness makes them highly adaptable to change. A slightly spaced out personality, a likable appearance and a defenceless grin make it easy for an INFp to merge into almost any social group.

However this appearance can change drastically once INFp gets a taste of power and authority. The power-money combination plays special role in INFp's Weltanschauung. It is like cheese for a mouse, who can smell its luring aroma miles away. Their fascination with $$$ and their intuitively intuitive intuition often walk hand by hand with a casino pass. In some cases an obsession with financial gain can lead INFps into arranged marriages. Despite their intuitive, fragile appearance, from a partner an INFp expects strong physical preponderance or domination. If such condition does not exist in the relationship, there is always plenty of "cheese" out there for an INFp.

Probably the most interesting INFp's ability is their ability to learn. Having natural difficulties with their understanding, INFps tend to compensate for this with an impressive amount of reading, watching and listening. The more you know the more you'll be able to understand, right? But what if you can't connect the dots? Then someone will do it for you. That's why INFps are quite easy to brainwash. Whether it is a commercial or political bullshit, INFps often go around repeating it using exact words and phrases like brainless zombies, making them perfect puppets in the hands of a skilful puppeteer.

As far as other people are concerned, INFps can be very productive, making them good social workers, musicians, entertainers, media, etc. In contrast, INFp's ability to think logically is circumstantial and limited to memorised examples, which makes them poor experts in technological fields, especially when the situation requires non-ordinary solutions. This, however, does not stop INFps from becoming sloppy engineers, sloppy mechanics, sloppy programmers, sloppy you name it.

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