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ESTj uncovered

" I turned a corner and walked straight into a brick wall!" - could really closely describe the experience one could get from meeting an ESTj, and this is why:

ESTjs usually stand out among other children as too grown-up for their age. They talk, think, act and make decisions already like adults. This makes ESTjs look older and more mature than other people from their age group.

As kids ESTjs are very hungry for information and absorb knowledge like sponge absorbs water. Then relatively quickly their knowledge gets solidified as if it was "cemented in concrete" and "carved in stone". Time itself usually slows down in ESTj's habitat and occasionally may even go backwards. But the real world never stands still. So what do ESTjs do? Instead of welcoming the new they become conservative and inflexible and coupled with their poor ability to imagine what is likely to happen they start actively resisting change.

ESTjs tend to trust only verified or published information. If it has been published then someone up there must have approved it so it could be trusted. Maybe this is how it used to be before Christ but with the huge popularity of the Internet and gigalobites of low quality information available on there those ESTjs must be really having a difficult time deciding which information can be trusted. But don't feel too sorry for ESTjs as this is not new to them. ESTjs are often obsessed with conspiracy theories and other subjects involving secrecy and cover-ups.

You might also think an ESTj being an S and a T is very concrete and straight-to-the-point kind of type. You could be right when it comes to work but not the talk. ESTjs can talk for hours and eventually say nothing. This talent for intentional ambiguity is absolutely essential to them when covering their butts. In their eyes they are perfect and infallible. This means that they can't afford to make any mistakes. So if they make their promises intentionally ambiguous no one can blame them especially if they fail.

ESTjs are born to be bosses. "Work! Produce! Utilise! And work!" - undoubtedly comes very close to describing ESTj's moto. If you have to work for an ESTj expect a civilised form of slavery. It is guaranteed that they will optimise your job so that you might even find yourself working on your way to work. This makes one wonder about whether the infamous "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" - the "work will set you free" slogan at the gates of Nazi's concentration camps was the sarcastic work of an ESTj "genius". But to be fair, ESTjs do not just demand work from others, they are workaholics themselves. That's maybe why they think it is normal.

And no, they are not enemies of fun. On contrary, they like to have fun and enjoy a good laugh and humour. They are however the enemies of immature and childish fun - "Why don't people grow up? I did!"

Well, indeed...

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