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- lilia_silverman -
Profile Statistics
Last Updated 17th November 2017
Last Online 1 year ago
Profile Views 413
General Info
Gender Female
Orientation Bi
Age Group 16-25
Location North America
Star Sign Aries
My Type
1st Choice ISTp
2nd Choice ISFp
My TURBO /// XL Result
My TURBO /// XL Personality ISTp - 70%
I am normally relatively unemotional or even cold. I seek fewer but deeper interactions with people. I am 'A New Day, A New Life, A New Me' type of person. I feel very confident with all aspects of logical reasoning. I do not know many people. I readily share personal information with strangers. I subject everything to logical analysis. I see everything and sense everything. I show interest towards love and passion. I like action and show initiative.
I prefer smaller quick returns to larger long term investments. I am all about freedom from responsibilities and obligations. I easily get bored of any routine repetition. I flee rather than talk about feelings. I am often reserved and quiet. I often act without any preparation at all. I am having difficulties with commitments. I could easily break no longer wanted relationships. I live every day in the here and now. I am often having difficulties with initiating new contacts.
I am concrete, materialistic, realistic and practical. I actively seek pleasures based on physical sensations. I often find myself in a struggle between materialistic and spiritual self. I quickly explore and get familiar with new places. I am interested in everything different and unusual. I am fond of privacy and seclusion. I am actively involved in what is happening outside and around me. I often weigh my own opinions against the opinions of others. I appreciate solitude. I often find myself in a struggle between emotional and intellectual self.
My reasons for being here
Boredom, Socionics.
What I've been up to lately
How others type me

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