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- francesca_sucks -
Profile Statistics
Last Updated 9th March 2018
Last Online 1 year ago
Profile Views 673
General Info
Gender Female
Orientation Bi
Age Group 16-25
Location North America
Star Sign Gemini
My Type
1st Choice ISFj
2nd Choice No idea
My TURBO /// XL Result
My TURBO /// XL Personality ESFp - 65%
I could easily break no longer wanted relationships. I am 'A New Day, A New Life, A New Me' type of person. I often act without any preparation at all. I am often immersed in my own world of thoughts and feelings. I readily share personal information with strangers. I easily get bored of any routine repetition. I like to observe and study other people and their relationships. I quickly explore and get familiar with new places. I feel very confident with all aspects of ethics. I am actively involved in what is happening outside and around me. I often wonder about the past or the future. I am abstract, speculative, imaginative and idealistic.
I see everything and sense everything. I am interested in everything different and unusual. I am often hesitant and doubtful. I easily pass my own moods onto others. I am having difficulties with commitments. I am often reserved and quiet. I often weigh my own opinions against the opinions of others. I like to be the centre of attention. I live every day in the here and now. I am concrete, materialistic, realistic and practical. I actively seek pleasures based on physical sensations. I am all about freedom from responsibilities and obligations. I never leave out unanswered questions.
I seek fewer but deeper interactions with people. I could quickly make new acquaintances or adapt to a new group. I am paying attention to people and their feelings. I appreciate solitude. I am very confident about my own physique. I like action and show initiative. I often get touchy-feely or use emotional manipulation. I plan ahead but usually act impulsively following the situation. I show interest towards love and passion. I often find myself in a struggle between emotional and intellectual self. I often find myself in a struggle between materialistic and spiritual self. I am fond of privacy and seclusion.
My reasons for being here
Curiosity, Friendship, Relationship, Boredom, Socionics.
More about me
Anyone can feel free to message me, since meeting new people is pretty fun! Except for when I don't like them, but hey, you're luckier than that, right?
First, I should mention I'm trans. My big passion in life is art, specifically drawing, though I'm probably into most of the things you'd stereotype an ISFj as being into. While I don't identify with it so much these days, I've also been programming since I was 12, and I'm currently involved in one or two open source projects. I'm perhaps more intelligent than you'd expect, with an interest in science and all sorts of nerdy garbage.
I have these fond memories of last Summer, where I'd ride my bicycle on nature trails, trying to pace myself and get faster, while looking forward to cooking a meal of fried fish and roasted broccoli when I got home...
What I've been up to lately
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