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Last Updated 5th August 2017
Last Online 12 months ago
Profile Views 2,476
General Info
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Age Group 26-35
Location North America
Star Sign Leo
My Type
1st Choice INTj
2nd Choice ENFj
My TURBO /// XL Result
My TURBO /// XL Personality INTj - 69%
I often feel bound by my own promises and appointments. I am abstract, speculative, imaginative and idealistic. I am very confident about my own physique. I feel very confident with all aspects of ethics. I often weigh my own opinions against the opinions of others. I feel very confident with all aspects of logical reasoning. I easily get bored of any routine repetition. I do not know many people.
I am interested in everything different and unusual. I often wonder about the past or the future. I subject everything to logical analysis. I am fond of privacy and seclusion. I plan ahead and tend to follow the plan. I am often reserved and quiet. I could easily break no longer wanted relationships. I could quickly make new acquaintances or adapt to a new group. I like action and show initiative.
I care about the future more than the present. I quickly explore and get familiar with new places. I easily pass my own moods onto others. I appreciate ordered systems and structures. I am often immersed in my own world of thoughts and feelings. I am normally relatively unemotional or even cold. I appreciate solitude. I seek fewer but deeper interactions with people. I never leave out unanswered questions.
My reasons for being here
Curiosity, Educational, Socionics.
More about me
Listed as an INTJ by every test I've taken, so it's probably safe to say that's accurate. Though the 'T' on here is rather low compared to many (usually in the 45-55% range).
I'm --for the most part-- your stereotypical INTJ, but there are a few things that don't fit into the mold of what an INTJ is "supposed" to be, such as:
How I Dress-
Conservative if I'm not going anywhere of importance. But unafraid of being flashy with a little effort when I do. How I was raised likely influenced my range of wardrobe comfort; a very Se focused environment. Though you would never catch me in shorts, sandals (always disliked male-sandals with a passion; okay for women.), or skinny jeans. Flash (but class) and Formal wear are limitless.
Oblivious to social rituals, emotions, etc.-
Again, raised in a house dominated by F's I learned at an early age what will rub some the wrong way. Most of the time I simply don't care, want to save time, or think it beneficial to give direct communication and eliminate all the flowery language people use to make each other "feel good".
People stay away from INTJ's-
Somewhat false, in my case; that only seems applicable with insecure or shy individuals with fragile egos. Those with a minimum level of self-confidence/bravery usually attempt to establish a connection of sorts. I'm ultimately the one who doesn't have the energy or vulnerability to maintain that many close relationships... even though it's the only kind I value; Catch 22. I have plenty acquaintances though.
These are all the discrepancies I can think of at the moment, but sure there are other generalizations that don't apply to this INTJ.
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