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- DeeVee27868758 -
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Last Updated 8th January 2019
Last Online 8 months ago
Profile Views 447
General Info
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Age Group 16-25
Location North America
Star Sign Scorpio
My Type
1st Choice ENFp
2nd Choice ENTp
My TURBO /// XL Result
My TURBO /// XL Personality INTj - 70%
I am normally relatively unemotional or even cold. I often feel bound by my own promises and appointments. I am attracted more to the theory than to its utilisation. I care about the future more than the present. I like to observe and study other people and their relationships. I like action and show initiative. I am interested in everything different and unusual. I seek fewer but deeper interactions with people. I easily get bored of any routine repetition.
I am concrete, materialistic, realistic and practical. I appreciate solitude. I plan ahead and tend to follow the plan. I could easily break no longer wanted relationships. I often wonder about the past or the future. I am paying attention to people and their feelings. I feel very confident with all aspects of ethics. I actively seek pleasures based on physical sensations. I feel very confident with all aspects of logical reasoning.
I see everything and sense everything. I never leave out unanswered questions. I am fond of privacy and seclusion. I am abstract, speculative, imaginative and idealistic. I am 'A New Day, A New Life, A New Me' type of person. I subject everything to logical analysis. I do not know many people. I am often reserved and quiet. I am often immersed in my own world of thoughts and feelings.
My reasons for being here
Relationship, Romantic, Dating, Socionics.
More about me
Philosophy, Nihilism, Existentialism, Solipsism, Subconscious Mind, Intellectual discussions, deep mind, Stimulate the Mind, Quantum Physics, Thinker, Thoughts create reality, driven, focused, Billionaire mindset, Amoral, weird af, goof, observant, nature, animals, bdsm, money minded, honest, outspoken.
Scorpio in Western Astrology
Libra in Vedic Astrology
Dog in Chinese Astrology.
I'm allergic to gossip, fake people, toxic people, politics, most news, mind games, small talk, and small minds. So.... Let's keep it real and talk about topics that hold substance.
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