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Old 07/05/2011, 07:09 AM
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Default Typing another person

So, I've been seeing a guy, but I'm completely at a loss as to what his type is. Here's what I know so far that might be helpful:
We started off as friends at the beginning of the semester, and quickly became very close friends. Somewhere during that time, he started liking me, which brings me to my first thought: when he likes a girl, it tends to start very slowly and gradually before he finally realizes/admits to himself that he likes her.
He's very involved in theater and stage stuff; both performing as well as figuring out all of the technicalities (lights, stagecraft, sound) that go into the performance.
He's also involved in student government stuff and will pretty much debate forever, if he wants to.
Even though he is very capable of debating to no end, he is a very good listener when he needs to be, and he's willing to give a person an honest hearing.
He tries to remain true to himself, and tries to be the best he can be. Sometimes, (I have never seen this happen but I'm told it's happened once or twice) he can fly off the handle, but he often regrets it when this happens because most of the time he's rather calm and collected; he sees it as not being himself when that happens.
Also, here are a couple of conversations we had, which I am posting to demonstrate a point that I'm not sure how to put into words:
Me: "Do you want to hang out tonight?"
Him: "No, sorry, I have an Old Testament term sheet to do."
Me: "Okay."
--next day--
Me: "Do you want to hang out tonight?"
Him: "No, sorry, I have to do my Old Testament term sheet."
Me: "I thought you did that last night."
Him: "Well. . . I sat down to do it but I got distracted and ended up playing sheep's head with the guys until 2:00 in the morning."
Me: ". . . oh. . . "
Or another example is this evening, he had promised me he'd come to ballroom dancing, but he ended up being a half an hour late because he had been playing D&D.
Even though he can get distracted/not get things done/be late for stuff sometimes, if something needs to get done, say, for an organization or something like that, he gets it done. He is very thorough and makes sure that every detail is taken care of so that everything runs smoothly.
Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Are there things you might want to know that I might not have mentioned?
Thanks in advance for your input!
Just dance! :-)
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