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Old 08/04/2010, 01:17 AM
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Default ENTp cheating on their dual?

Is it likely for an ENTp to cheat on their dual ISFP? I'm dating my dual for 4 months now and we get along great and haven't gotten into any arguments! He's funny and makes me laugh and gives me my space. But i just have so many trust issues ... defiantly most afraid of getting hurt.. especially since I've read somewhere on here that ENTp's and ENFp's are most likely to cheat. not that i told him I'm afraid of getting hurt which scares the crap out of me! especially since i feel so deeply for people when i finally make myself vulnerable.

advice! pleaseee!
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Old 08/04/2010, 03:49 AM
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Hey Lizzy,

It doesn't matter what type someone is, one fundamental rule is that the more you panic about it the more likely you are to bring it upon yourself. If you find the inner confidence to just be cool, calm and collected knowing that deep down everything is fine and you have a fantastic advantage, you honestly can't go wrong. I'm an ENFp and yes, I've cheated in the past but whilst actually in love I couldn't even think of going anywhere, it was only when my partner managed to convince himself that I was slipping away and he clung and moaned and criticised and tried to put me down to mar my confidence and stop me from going anywhere that made me run straight into the arms of someone who'd timed their re-arrival into my life a little too perfectly. My male flatmate is ENFp and so against cheating of any form it's impossible to suggest otherwise, so although we're all cheery and confident and flirtatious, it means little unless someone suddenly gives meaning to it.

Calm, happy and never play games. Be genuine and keep the spark up Good luck! xxxx
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