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Old 25/06/2010, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by felafel View Post
What SG said, *maybe* E.....S....T....p........?

yeah his face looks heavy - S!

my next thought was the fact he was smiling then i thought about quadras and merry vs serious...
but what about if you see a picture of an ESFp smiling? that would really throw me off balance. although maybe you wouldnt get a picture of an ESFp smiling cause naturally they would pose serious? /streamofconsciousness
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Old 26/06/2010, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SG View Post
On the 1st photo he has this ENTp smirk look but his facial features are too "bulky" for an ENTp, so yeah, maybe ESTp.
Originally Posted by privilege View Post
My first impression was also ENTp although his features seem too large for this type... maybe a new kind of ENTp?
He looks ENTp in both photos IMO.
My first impression was also ENTp. The bulky facial features could be cultural, maybe?
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Old 30/06/2010, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by serag View Post
you always win SG , i noticed the way he behave when his hidden agenda is in action ,its the same thing like ENTps do

, i really didnt know that type with the same hidden agenda can behave the same way as if they are the same thing,its

really interesting thing and if his Se wasnt noticable for me i would say that he is ENTp.

@felafel : you are right ,ESTp can also be caring and loving persons inspite that it is not the general case.
ok, i'm going to describe him here and let you to judge his type .

first i will talking about some stereotypical stuffs then i will talk about some specific things.

he is out going and friendly , organize people according to their talents and know will how to use them ,always looking for new relations and challenges , when talking he always take into consideration the feeling of other but this quality become more obvious after long interacting with the other person as it take him a bit time to analyze people,he got affection for little children and pets , dont like to be criticized ,he grasp new ideas and concepts very quickly but he have tendency to take his information from people who he know very well and trust.he dont like to seem week or hurt,he like to take attention from people specially females ,he always seems self confident .

this what i remember for now ,if i remembered something else i will add it .
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