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Old 20/09/2008, 11:32 PM
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Default What's your web?

I'm just kinda curious as to what your web of relationships are. Who do you have the closest relationships? Who do you find the most annoying? Who has it been the easiest to type? I'll start...

I'm an ISFJ female. I was best friends with an ESTJ, but I haven't been so much lately since she started going out with her ISTJ boyfriend, who is/was my best guy friend and used to have a crush on me. I've had this weird love him/hate him thing with this INTP guy for the past two or three years, but I'm finally starting to get out of it. I have an older ISTP brother who I don't really get along with. I used to really admire him when we were younger, but he would never like say hi to me in the hallways at school or buy me a birthday card or anything. Lately, I've just kind of been staying away from him as much as possible. Right now I'm really getting to be better friends with another ISFJ girl, which is kinda nice but also kinda eh. I'm also pretty close with this INTJ guy, but he's kinda...weird. Nice guy and everything, just a very unusual person.

I've found that it was the easiest to type my INTP guy, and relatively easy to type the rest of the people I mentioned above. I'm still at a loss for what my parents and my younger brother are. Perhaps it's a little different because I don't see them in the same kinds of situations I see my friends in.

What about you guys?
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Old 22/09/2008, 05:10 PM
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Hey found509 just out of curiosity whats your star sign?
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Old 30/09/2008, 11:13 PM
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I usually only like my Identical, Dual, Mirror, Benefactor, Comparative, Look-alike, and Beneficiary.

I have trouble with my Conflictor, Quasi-Identical, Contrary, Supervisor, Supervisee, and Deltas.

My Activity, Semi-Duality, Super-Ego, and Illusionary relations are right on the divider, so I left them out...

...b/c I am an optimist (positivist).


Originally Posted by Vibration View Post
Thanks. Now I understand why Prom thinks you are the most intelligent person at this forum.
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