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Old 13/01/2008, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Yes. I'm going to ask you about science later, but feel free to bring it up sooner

Infact, what is your scientific field ?

I often see different things, but I know what I should see. i've always believed in my own potential. What about you ?

Sometimes each of us have to climb different ladders, but if we at times hold on to the base while the other is climbing, then at least there's less of the chance of the world falling completely away from underneath us, so to speak.

I do not believe other types love better than me, or at least can (eventually)

I'm not sure how much you know about socionics, but basically, as I see it, each person's type is viewed as a 'lopsided' psychological construction, because it is unbalanced. So we therefore need our duals in order to address this balance and become 'whole' Being 'balanced' and in the middle is where the romance should really be-that is to say the most ideal romance. It doesn't matter how far your facet of reality is away from the middle.. As with this idea, only the middle is good enough. That is my analogy with nature and the universe. Things have a tendency to follow the least path of resistance (excuse the pun) Dualisation creates that balance to make us stable, bonded, stable and chemically inert, if you will.

Inert chemicals..they are also looking to bond. And the more stable the tie, the harder it is to break them !

My knowledge isn't bad. Thats why I've had the confidence to confront SG on certain issues, like his VI and his marginalised methodoligies. The other reason is i've never really known when to back down to be honest. Sometimes I can make people uneasy because I am a person of my own convictions.

Maybe we should form a team and make some money out of this.

Why do you think otherwise ?
My god...

So i am ENFp? The perfect psychologist? And you are REALLY ISTp? TRUE Dream Team?

Money money money... ?

Is that why you are so good at recognizing good art? Si I mean?

Or are you Ayn Rand simply? The introverted psychoENTp+CharmingENTp, that would make sense.

No you are ESFj and I am INTj. Ahh forget it. Hmm. No forget it.

No wait I could be ESFJ! Hahaha (with all its implications)! Sexy babe!!!

But hey wait, I am not good even at judging people I have known for years.. uuayyack! Forget me being ENFp ESFj INTj

So I must be ENFj then!!!! No, that relationship did nor work because I realize I did not "know" her...

Ahaha, there are three (3) people!!! YES! I am the bridge? No? INTp+INTj+ENTp. That WOULD make sense. Yes.

I am getting a little bit annoyed by things here guys. What am I doing here at this forum? Is this a low IQ forum or what? What the **** am I doing here? An ENTp with natural intrinsic problems recognizing people , chatting with virtual strangers (there ARE realistic limits to my enthusiasm..).

IN rules here does not it? TiNe, SiTe, NiFe, NiTe ... You should know then how easily fooled I am if you know anything about ENTps and people. Is it fun?

I am lost.

I like the idea though. But what is this spookiness all about? Am I surrounded by dummy fakes or what?

**** you all if you are trying to to fool me!

I am out of here.

for a while.
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